Patterns for silk mohair yarn

Knitting patterns with silk mohair yarn 

At Önling we LOVE Silk Mohair! So, naturally we have a wide selection of mohair knitting patterns for silk mohair yarns, that you can see here above. 

Silk mohair is a very light and thin yarn, with a soft, fluffy look and feel. Silk mohair can be knit on its own for light and airy cardigans, sweater and shawls, in which case it is usually worked with two or three strands together throughout the project. Beautiful examples of this are Lykke Jumper by Spektakelstrik, the popular Cloud shawl from Önling and Saga Vest by Spektakelstrik

In addition to this, Silk Mohair is extremely popular in yarn combinations, where it can be used to add luxury to other yarn types, for instance if you want a more traditional sweater that is not so airy. Examples of silk mohair in stunning combinations are Chloé sweater, and Magnum sweater, as wll as the gorgeous Spot sweater by Anne Ventzel. You can use the filters at the top of this page to find more knitting patterns for e.g. mohair sweaters, mohair cardigans or mohair shawls

Mohair yarn for the knitting patterns 

All knitting patterns for silk mohair can be knitted with any of our 3 brands of silk mohair, our own Önling No 10, Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard or Silk Mohair from Isager. They are all lovely but come in different colors, so it will like be your color prefence that determines which type of silk mohair yarn will be your favorite. 

Mohair is a diamond fiber known and loved for it's unique ability to keep you warm even though it is so light and thin. Mohair wool works brilliantly in combination with silk that is also a luxury fiber known for its lightness. In combination they form the popular yarn type Silk Mohair, which is probably the most widely used way of knitting with mohair. Read more about silk mohair and see all our types of silk mohair yarn here

If you are also looking for yarn for your mohair knitting pattern, see also our pre-packed knitting kits with knitting pattern and matching Silk Mohair here.

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