Easy Peasy - knitting for beginners

Easy Peasy - knitting patterns for beginners

At Önling we offer patterns and designs for the absolute beginner within knitting. Our beginner collection is called Easy Peasy, and our ambition that even the very new knitter can knit these designs. The patterns are made without the use of abbreviations and there are video references throughout the patterns, to explain all the techniques used.

You can buy the patterns individually, you can buy the yarn kit or you can buy the knitting kit for beginners, which is a box including everything you need to knit your beginners project. This way you are sure to get off to a good start...

Önling is also for beginners

Önling has created patterns and designs for hand knitting for 4 years, and we have many great designs for knitters on all levels. As something new, we have just launched a whole new line of beginner's patterns for simple and classic sweaters. The collection is called Easy Peasy and the patterns are perfect for the novice knitter or the beginner who would like to learn how to knit. Read more about the beginner design on our blog right HERE

Like all our other designs, the Easy Peasy collection is designed with the intention of it becoming part of the favorites in your wardrobe. Beautiful, timeless and classic designs that last for a long time and are made from pure, natural and sustainable materials of the highest quality

Easy knitting patterns 

The Easy Peasy collections consists of a number of designs and some very easy knitting patterns for women. The patterns are made without any abbreviations and they have video references throughout the patterns, so you can click and watch a video that describes exactly the technique, you need to use, whenever you need it. The design and construction is simple and you only have to master very few knitting techniques to knit the Easy Peasy Basic Sweater. After the basic sweater you can slowly advance to Easy Peasy sweater with raglan and lastly to Easy Peasy sweater with turtleneck. Easy Peasy is designed in Önling No 1 and you only knit with one strand of yarn. This is much easier for a new knitter compared to having to knit with 2 or 3 strands. The beautiful blend of wool and angora in the Önling No 1 yarn gives you a lovely, fluffy and soft sweater. The easy patterns in the Easy Peasy collection mean everyone can partake - you can even learn how to knit through knitting the Easy Peasy Basic sweater.

Buy yarn or a ready-made knitting kit

You can always buy yarn loosely for your projects, if you want to customize qualities and colors - for example we have yarn in Alpaca, silk mohair, wool, merino wool and cotton but if you want to make it easy for yourself and make sure you get the right yarn qualities and quantities, then buy a ready-made knitting kit. Here you get both pattern and yarn for your project and when we make knitting kits at Önling, it is very important for us to choose the right yarn that fits the knitting pattern and model, as well as putting together color kits that matches the expression of the design. Even the best knitting pattern will not turn into your favorite sweater without the right yarn. We make many knitting kits with our own Önling yarn, which is sustainably produced and of a very high quality, so that it gives the natural, soft expression we love so much - both to knit and wear. Once we have chosen the yarn type that fits the design, we put together a variety of color options so you can always choose your knitting kit in the color(s) you want. You can buy yarn kits for our own designs, designed by Katrine Hannibal and for patterns from other leading designers.