Easy Peasy can be knitted by anyone!

Easy Peasy can be knitted by anyone!

Önling has just launched the first of a series of patterns designed for the very new knitter. In fact, we would argue that even complete beginners can knit the newly launched Easy Peasy Basic Sweater…. 

Here's the proof of this claim: I'm a complete beginner myself and this sweater is only the second knitting project I have completed. The only thing I have ever knitted before was half a dish cloth on a pair of my mom's old knitting needles, with some weird, pink yarn I had found in my drawer. Just to see if I could figure out how to knit plain old garter ridges. Then I knitted the sweater Novice, which I got a little help with here and there, and this really got me excited to knit some more.

So I told Katrine that I would like to knit another sweater and that it had to be easy peasy. But which sweater should I choose? Katrine quickly caught this challenge and designed a beginner basic sweater, which I was the first to "test knit". That, we agreed, had to be the ultimate test of whether 1) the pattern was beginner-friendly enough and 2) a beginner could really knit this sweater.


When you are new to knitting, it feels like an up-hill battle to read and understand a pattern full of abbreviations and difficult knitting terms. Therefore, requirement # 1 was that the pattern had to be written completely without the use of abbreviations, and it had to be very descriptive and educational. Requirement # 2 was that there should be video references in the pattern, so you can click and watch a video that describes exactly what technique you are to use at the time you need it. And let's just be honest - you really don't need to know many techniques to knit this pattern.

Simple construction and very few techniques

Easy Peasy Basic Sweater is knitted using very few techniques and a simple construction. It is knitted from the top down on circular needles, and one of two simple increases techniques can be used to make enough stitches for the yoke and body. 

In short, you need to be able to master the following techniques to knit Easy Peasy Basic Sweater:

1) Knit stitches

2) Purl stitches

3) Changing needles

4) Increases

5) Decreases

6) Casting on and Binding off stitches

7) Setting aside stitches for sleeves

The first 6 techniques are pretty easy to learn by watching one of the many instructional videos on Youtube showing the particular technique. Watch the video many times and possibly play it in slow motion - then it makes sense in the end.


The 7th technique you have to master - dividing your work into body, back and sleeves - I must admit is a little hard to understand the first time you have to do this. So here it is really an advantage to have a lifeline, in the form of a trained knitter, who can help you and explain to you the principle behind. Already the second time I had to do this, I could to it on my own 

In Önling's knitting community you can ask questions and get help with your knitting project. Here are lots of experienced knitters who are happy to provide answers and guidance if you encounter a problem ... You can join this community HERE.

 Designed for a single thread

Easy Peasy is designed in Önling No 1, so you only need to knit with one single thread. This makes it simple, instead of having to knit with 2 or 3 threads. The wonderful blend of wool and angora in the Önling No 1 yarn gives you a lovely, fluffy sweater as a result.

Easy Peasy can also be knitted in other yarns, but unless you have someone to help you recalculate the yardage of yarn, thickness and needles sizes, do not replace the yarn in which the sweater is designed, with another type of yarn. You just end up getting a sweater that is completely wrong in size, too flabby or too tight. My advice is to wait until you have knitted a lot more, before you start replacing the recommended yarn for other types of yarns, because it is a mathematical exercise in itself, I have found ;)

Sit yourself down and get started

Once you have decided that you want to launch yourself into the world of knitting, you can either buy the pattern and the yarn separately, or you can buy everything you need for your Easy Peasy knitting project in our beginner's box.

Make sure to sit somewhere, where you have the peace and quiet to read the pattern and try it out. Make a nice cup of tea or coffee, put your legs up and then just do exactly as it says in the pattern, step by step. Keep calm and relax your shoulders.

Happy knitting :-)