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    Isager Yarn is Danish quality yarn made from natural fibres, and we are proud to present a wide selection of different yarn types and colors. 
    Isager yarn is perfect for various knitting projects and come in a wide range of colors and materials, so you can find a great match for your favorite knitting patterns. Click on a yarn to read more, see all the beautiful colors and find links to knitting patterns and knitting kits with that particular yarn. 

    ISAGER yarn – a friendship based on the love of knitting

    Isager Yarn has been a supplier of high-quality yarns in pure natural fibers since 1977. It was the Danish designer Åse Lund Jensen, who originally founded the range of quality yarns we know today from Isager Yarn. After Åse Lund Jensen's death in 1977, her friend, Marianne Isager, took over the rights to her mentor's yarns and unique knitting designs.

    The classic wool qualities such as Spinni and Jensen Yarn, which originate from Åse Lund Jensen, can still be found in Isager Yarn's range. Isager Yarn is the story of a friendship based on the love of knitting. When you buy Isager yarn, you carry on the joy of knitting.

    Common to all the yarns from Isager is the fact that you get quality yarns in natural fibers, which you can use for all sorts of designs. Find the wide selection of yarns on this page and find inspiration for your next knitting project. When you knit with yarn from Isager, you are sure get a high-quality result.

    The joy of knitting across generations

    Marianne Isager, who is behind Isager Yarn today, is the mother of Helga Isager, who is also one of Denmark's most popular knitting designers. Helga has started her own brand Amimono under Isager Yarn, and Amimono develops knitting patterns and uses quality yarn from Isager. The joy of knitting has thus been passed on to the next generation, and a lot of knitting enthusiasts love many of the bold combinations that Amimono produces.

    Isager Yarn currently produces more than 20 luxurious yarns made of a range of natural materials. For instance the popular Alpaca yarns called Isager Alpaca 1 and Isager Alpaca 2, and the popular wool yarns with their unique qualities such as Isager Tvinni and Highland Wool with beautiful mixed colors. The yarn types not only work separately, but are also beautiful to use in combination. When combining yarns, you can also take advantage of the beautiful color schemes, that can be created across the yarn types.

    The yarns are some of the most durable qualities we have tried at Önling. That's why we fully understand the popularity of these yarn types - because they can be used to create everyday clothes as well as more delicate and fine styles. Either way, quality is not compromised.

    Sustainable yarn and beautiful colors at Önling

    Yarns from Isager consists primarily of wool, which is a natural and sustainable material that requires limited processing in the transformation from wool to yarn. At the same time, wool does not require washing as often as other textiles on a daily basis - often hanging them outside in damp weather can be enough to refresh them. Choose from many different types of Isager Yarn, and click on each one to see our large color selection.

    If you are looking for inspiration see our selection of knitting patterns here. We have knitting patterns for everything from sweaters and cardigans to large shawls and scarves. If you have any queries or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also read more about our sustainable mission here.

    Önling is a complete knitting universe with yarns and knitting patterns. Among other things, we have more than 300 knitting kits from various designers.