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Isager Yarn

Isager Yarn is Danish quality yarn made from natural fibres, and we are proud to present a wide selection of different yarn types and colors.
Isager yarn is perfect for knitting projects and come in a wide range of colors and materials, so you can find a great match for your favorite knitting patterns.   

ISAGER yarn – based on a passion for knitting

Isager has since 1977 supplied luxurious, high quality yarn made from pure natural fibres.  The collection of quality yarn that is today called Isager Yarn, was originally founded by the Danish knit designer Åse Lund Jensen. When Åse Lund Jensen passed away in 1977 her friend and mentee, Marianne Isager, took over her yarn collection as well as her unique knit designs and formed the company Isager Yarn. The classic wool yarns such as Spinni and Jensen Yarn, were developed by Åse Lund Jensen and are still part of the Isager yarn collection. Isager Yarn is the story of a friendship based on the passion for knitting, and when you knit with Isager yarn, you become part of that story and their passion.  

20 Luxurious types of yarn

Today Isager produces around 20 different types of yarn, all made from luxurious, light and soft materials such as silk mohair, merino wool, alpaca and cotton. These yarns can be knit individually, but they also work very well in a wide range of combinations. When you combine the different types of yarn, new opportunities for interesting structures and unique mixed colors emerge.

Sustainable yarn and beautiful colors at Önling

Isagers yarn is primarily made of wool, which is a sustainable material, as it requires only limited processing in the transformation from wool to yarn. Furthermore, wool is sustainable in its daily usage, as it does not require washing as often as other textiles – hanging your woolen clothes outside to freshen up will often be enough. Take your pick among the different types of Isager yarn and see each type for our large selection of colors. If you are looking for inspiration see our selection of knitting patterns here. We have knitting patterns for everything from sweaters and cardigans to large shawls and scarves. If you have any queries or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also read more about our sustainable mission here.

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