Krea Deluxe Yarn


Organic yarn from Danish Krea Deluxe

On this page you will find our selection of yarns from Krea Deluxe, who is known for its lovely, organic yarn and its beautiful, unique range of colors. 

Krea Deluxe is a Danish company run by two sisters. Krea Deluxe is based on strong values of sustainability and ecology. It is especially important to Krea Deluxe that their yarns are produced according to the highest ecological standards (GOTS), and without the use of pesticides or other unnecessary chemicals. Thus, the yarn is produced with care for both humans and nature and can be used by everyone - including babies and people who suffer from allergies. At Önling, we are pleased to have Krea Deluxe in our assortment, as it is fantastic to be able to offer our customers such wonderful yarn from a Danish company that shares our values and focus on sustainability.

Beautiful, soft colors

Another feature of the Krea Deluxe yarn is the beautiful, unique range of colors. Krea Deluxe has developed its own unique color range, which contains beautiful, soft and calming colors. The great thing about the color range is that there are so many shades of each of the different colors, and that the colors fit so beautifully together. This way, it becomes possible to mix the colors in many ways and create beautiful results, both when you stick to shades of one color and when you want to make something more colorful. For example, the many bright pastel colors are very suitable for baby knitting and summer knitting.

Popular cotton yarn

At Önling we are especially fond of the organic cotton yarn from Krea Deluxe. Due to the high consumption of pesticides in traditional cotton production, it is even more important to buy organic when buying cotton yarn. Luckily, when it comes to organic cotton yarn, Krea Deluxe's is among the best and most beautiful in the world. We use organic cotton both for our popular knitted dishcloths and also for our summer tops and light knit sweaters and blouses. You can see all our knitting kits in cotton here.