French Market Bag by PetiteKnit

French Market Bag - knitting kits and accessories

Find a selection of knitting kits with various yarn types and accessories for French Market Bag by PetiteKnit right here. The beautiful bag is so popular, that the original Isager yarn Japanese Cotton, the original knitting kit and the leather straps are widely sold out. But don't worry, at Önling we have leather straps available, and we have put together knitting kits with other types of yarn that match the French Market Bag perfectly, e.g. with our OEKO-TEX certified yarn Önling No 21 here. Here above you can see the different knitting kits, and at the product page of each variant you can see the wide selection of colors available, as well as add leather straps or cotton lining to your purchase. The fabric for lining is a selection of Liberty fabric with stunning patterns, that really adds a final touch to your French Market Bag. 

French Market Bag KAL (Knit-a-long)

At Önling we have initiated a Knit-a-long where we invited all of you to knit French Market Bags with us. Together we have knit a wide selection of stunning versions. For inspiration see #frenchmarketbagKAL on Instagram, and you will see a lot of beautiful colors and how great the French Market Bag looks - also in alternative yarn combinations. 

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The Honey series is only one of many popular designs from PetiteKnit. So if you also in love with the Nordic design style, you can find all all knitting kits for designs from PetiteKnit here

PetiteKnit is among the most popular Danish knit designers of all time, and has a  developed a whole range of beautiful and simple designs for children, women and men. Some designs are developed particularly for beginners who are looking for something simple to start with, while others are for experiences knitters looking for well-constructed designs and exciting knitting techniques. 

Önling's Nordic knitting universe 

Önling offers a complete knitting experience based on classic, Scandinavian designs and sustainable yarn. At Önling we develop knitting patterns and provide a broad choice of knitting kits from a range of talented Danish knit designers. In addition to that we sell yarn and knitting accessories, including our own range of sustainable Önling yarn. Everything we do is based on strong sustainable values, and with a focus on sustainable production, natural material and design with a long lifetime. Take a look around and find inspiration for your next knitting project!