Novice collection by Petiteknit

PetiteKnit for beginners 

PetiteKnit has designed an entire collection of easy knit designs for beginners, so even new knitter have a chance of knitting a gorgeous sweater. All the knitting patterns for the Novice collection are carefully written explicitly for beginners and without abbreviations. In addition to that you can find video tutorials for each step on PetiteKnit's website. 

Novice sweater - Novice cardigan - Junior - Mohair Edition 

The Novice series is very popular and has expanded over time, so there is a whole range of designs to choose from. There is of course the original Novice Sweater, knitted from the top with a high collar. The original design is now accompanied by a Novice Sweater Mohair Edition with the popular Silk Mohair yarn, and a Novice Sweater Junior for children. Another popular knit design cardigans, and the Novice collection now features two cardigan designs, Novice Cardigan Mohair Edition and Novice Cardigan Chunky Edition, so no matter whether you prefer chunky yarn or super light silk mohair, there is a beginner friendly cardigan for you. 

Knitting kits with yarn and pattern 

As a new knitter it can be a challenge to find the perfect yarn for a knitting pattern, and if the yarn does not match the gauge and the design the result will not be a good as you hoped for... So here at Önling we have put together knitting kits with pattern and carefully selected yarn that matches the design. With a knitting kit it is easy to get started, as you get a packaged with knitting pattern and exactly the yarn you need. And you can still choose your favorite color among a wide selection of yarn colors. At this page you can find knitting patterns and knitting kits for all Novice Sweater and Novice Cardigan designs from PetiteKnit. 

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The Novice series is only one of many popular designs from PetiteKnit. So if you also in love with the Nordic design style, you can find all all knitting kits for designs from PetiteKnit here

PetiteKnit is among the most popular Danish knit designers of all time, and has developed a whole range of beautiful and simple designs for children, women and men. Some designs are developed particularly for beginners who are looking for something simple to start with, while others are for experiences knitters looking for well-constructed designs and exciting knitting techniques. 

Önling's Nordic knitting universe 

Önling offers a complete knitting experience based on classic, Scandinavian designs and sustainable yarn. At Önling we develop knitting patterns and provide a broad choice of knitting kits from a range of talented Danish knit designers. In addition to that we sell yarn and knitting accessories, including our own range of sustainable Önling yarn. Everything we do is based on strong sustainable values, and with a focus on sustainable production, natural material and design with a long lifetime. Take a look around and find inspiration for your next knitting project!