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Önling No 10, Silk Mohair yarn

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Önling No 10 is a delicate and light Silk Mohair yarn made of the luxury fibers mohair and silk. Perfect for light and soft sweaters that will keep you warm!

70% Mohair, 30% Silk

Sold in 25 g balls.

25 g = approximately 230 yards (210 meters).

Suitable for needle size: US 4 - 6 (3.5 to 4 mm), when knitted on its own.

Silk Mohair is a luxury yarn as it is made from some of the finest natural fibers, mohair from the mohair goats and silk. Mohair is called a diamond fiber for its unique qualities and ability to keep you warm even though it's lighter than other types of wool.

Soft and lovely Silk Mohair is surely one of our favorite yarns here at Önling, and we are not alone - Silk Mohair is super popular right now with so many delicate sweaters knitted in Silk Mohair. Just to mention a few, we released the gorgeous Fluffy Fluffy sweater knitted in two strands of silk mohair with stripes and a touch of glitter, and Petiteknit released the simple and elegant sweaters Kumulus and Stockholm.

Silk Mohair is also a clear favorite when it comes to combining yarns. Silk Mohair adds softness and a cozy, fluffy look to other types of yarn, and can be combined with almost anything if you want to add luxury to your knitwear. See for instance our beautiful Aud cardigan, or the lovely Dora sweater.

For inspiration see Knitting Patterns for Silk Mohair here, or find a Knitting Kit with pattern and matching Silk Mohair here. See also our other brands of silk mohair yarn here. 

Önling No 10 Silk Mohair is very similar to Isager Silk Mohair and Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard in composition and gauge and can easily be used for patterns referring to these and other Silk Mohair yarns.

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