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    Knitting kits by Helga Isager 

    The Danish knit designer Helga Isager creates beautiful and aesthetic designs - full of challenges and inspiring techniques. Here you can find a series of knitting kits for the beautiful knit designs from Helga Isager. Some knitting patterns are available for individual sale, and are therefore included in the knitting kit, while others are only available as part of one of Helga Isagers amazing knitting books, which can be purchased separately. 

    Helga Isager 

    Helga Isager is a Danish knit designer that we at Önling are particularly fond of. Her exciting designs and technical challenges are inspiring for any knitting enthusiast. She is among our favorite designers because the dares to try new combinations, both in terms of techniques and yarn types. In the book K(Knit) she has for instance combined Japanese Cotton and Silk Mohair, which gives a unique look and structure. 

    Helga Isager founded her own brand Amimono in 2005, after her application for the Danish Design Academy had been rejected. You can read more about Helga Isager and her inspiration to start her own brand in our blog post "Inspiration from Helga Isager". Amimono is today very successful and has published books in more than 5 languages. 

    At Önling we have several times been so fortunate to host visits and workshops with the inspiring designer, when she has for instance visited our showroom to show her latest designs and publications

    For beginners as well as experienced knitters 

    Helga Isager has published a series of knitting books. We particularly love that Helga Isager is able to create the knitting patterns for new knitters as well as provide new learning for experienced knitters. At Önling we have put together knitting kits for the designs from her many knitting books. Find inspiration and see knitting kits for the designs from the books here: 

    You will find everything from classic designs to more modern designs combinations with fascinating aesthetics. 

    Daughter of Marianne Isager 

    Helga Isager is the daughter of the successful knit designer Marianne Isager. Despite the inspiration from her mother and the brand Isager Yarn, she has chosen to go her own way with the brand Amimono. Amimono is widely recognized for the knitted designs that show a curious designer and great talent. Two things that combine to create innovative and exciting combinations within knit design. You can also see the successful knitting books by Marianne Isager here

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    Önling offers a complete knitting experience based on classic, Scandinavian designs and sustainable yarn. At Önling we develop knitting patterns and provide a broad choice of knitting kits from a range of talented Danish knit designers. In addition to that we sell yarn and knitting accessories, including our own range of sustainable Önling yarn. Everything we do is based on strong sustainable values, and with a focus on sustainable production, natural material and design with a long lifetime. Take a look around and find inspiration for your next knitting project!