CocoKnits knitting accessories

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Beautiful and functional knitting accessories

CocoKnits creates an exceptional range of knitting accessories with products that are both beautiful to look at and make it even more fun to knit. It is part of the mission behind CocoKnits, that their accessories must contribute to making the entire knitting process form beginning to end a purely joyful experience. And we must agree that the many different types of accessories and funny gadgets really do that! We love the beautiful, simple design, and the ingenious, functional details.

Strong sustainable values

Another reason for our love of CocoKnits, is that the sustainable values behind the company match the values behind Önling. For CocoKnits, sustainability and consideration of the environmental impact are an important part of every aspect of the company, from the design of new products to production and packaging. An example of this is that CocoKnits avoid the use of plastic and instead employs PLA a 100% biodegradable and plant-based alternative as well as other relevant substitutes. Another example of CocoKnits sustainable values is, that they have chosen to support small, local businesses so the sales of CocoKnits’ products support local communities instead of large, international tech companies like Amazon and Ebay.

Run by passionate women

CocoKnits is a small company run by passionate women who all love to create and be creative – a passion perhaps only surpassed by their passion for supporting other creative individuals and companies. CocoKnits is located in Oakland, California, and was founded in 2007 by Julie Weisenberger who has worked with knitting and design since the 1980’s. Julie designs knitting patterns, teaches knitting techniques and design, as well as develops the amazing knitting accessories presented here.   

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