HiyaHiya knitting accessories

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HiyaHiya – quality for knitters

HiyaHiya is known worldwide for delivering high quality knitting accessories with an innovative design, placing their products firmly among the best in the market. HiyaHiya creates a wide range of knitting accessories, all of which are developed with a knitter’s specific needs and wishes in mind. We are therefore pleased to present this selection of HiyaHiya accessories for knitters.

Knitting needles from HiyaHiya

HiyaHiya is especially known for their incredible knitting needles, available in several variations so you can find a specification that fits your way of knitting and your current knitting project. Our favorite Hiya Hiya needles are the circular needles, that we really enjoy using for most knitting projects. In addition to the popular needles, HiyaHiya also produces a range of knitting gadgets, that makes knitting even more fun, such as various stitch markers, needles stoppers, cables needles and small scissors that fits perfectly in your project bag. So you can easily fill your project bag with knitting accessories from HiyaHiya, and rest assured that you will enjoy your choice with every knitting project you cast on.

The knitter behind HiyaHiya

HiyaHiya was founded in 2012 by the Chinese knitter and knit designer Qianer Huang. She loves to knit and to design knitting patterns but had trouble finding knitting accessories that matched her creativity and high-quality demands. Fortunately for her, her father and brother are engineers, and they helped her develop the extraordinary knitting accessories we today know as HiyaHiya. And now knitters around the world can enjoy the family’s creativity.