Our appearance in Morning Television for a chat about #NetflixAndKnit

Our appearance in Morning Television for a chat about #NetflixAndKnit

The ultimate guide for the knitter who likes to knit and watch TV series

14 days ago, our talented Mette Lundsted, appeared on morning television (GO’Morgen DK) to talk about two huge trends, namely knitwear and TV series - and specifically about the combination of the two disciplines. It was also at that time that our Magnum, Fluffy Fluffy and Freja patterns became truly famous as they were shown on TV;) 

Knitting. The old-fashioned craft is hugely popular and in the wake of it, a new trend, namely #NetflixAndKnit, has appeared. Within the Önling team, we have a few experts within both disciplines ;)

It is as popular as never before to grab the knitting needles to immerse yourself in the old traditional craft of knitting and to create exclusive slow fashion for yourself and family members. The trend has gotten a hold of all ages, and is becoming increasingly pronounced these years. We love this development of course.

The ultimate stress relief

At Önling, we are all - almost without exception - incarnated knitters and TV series addicts. Every day over lunch we discuss old and new Netflix series, acting performances and plots.

“And what is better than combining the two activities? Knit and Netflix? It is the ultimate tool for de-stressing. Imagine the following; the work day is over, the kids are picked up and everyone has been fed and tucked to bed. Now it's your time. Sit down on the sofa with a blanket, a cup of tea and a small piece of chocolate, grab your knitwear and put on your favorite series. Now it's time for #NetflixandKnit, ”says our Katrine Hannibal

But it is not all kinds of knitwear that make for serial binging, nor is it any kind of series that you can knit to. We have a lot of experience in this field, and here we share our best tips for knitting series and series knitwear.

Five tips for # NetflixAndKnit discipline

  1. Never grab your most complicated knitwear when you want to # NetflixAndKnit. Stockinette stitches on circular needles is actually the very best choice for watching series.
  2. Likewise, do not choose to knit while watching the most complicated and academic series. You must be able to give attention to both knitwear and series in one and the same time.
  3. Beware of the gauge. Your gauge is affected by your state of mind. Pay special attention to your knitwear when you come to the most exciting or scary sequences in your series. If necessary, take a small break from knitting for a few minutes.
  4. Select a series in a language you understand. For example, if you do not master Spanish more or less fluently, avoid series in Spanish. You should be able to look down on your knitwear now and then and still be able to follow your series, just by listening.
  5. Remember to measure your knitwear along the way. When you immerse yourself in a series, you forget about time and place, and you don´t want to end up with sleeves that are 120 cm. long.
Five perfect Netflix knitting series
  1.  Gilmore Girls - A fairly old series, yes, but perfect for knitting. It is uncomplicated to follow the life of Lorelai and her daughter Rory, and Gilmore Girls is just a great classic. Nothing less.

  2. The Rain - It is so popular with Nordic knitting these years, so why not combine with a bold and exciting Nordic series, which has just launched its second season. We love Simone and Rasmus and the rest of the team.

  3. Our Planet - crazy and enlightening series about the beauty of our planet and the climate change we are seeing right now. When you knit while watching Our Planet you get aesthetics on two levels. On the screen and on the needles.

  4. Making a Murderer - This exciting and slow story of two men accused of a brutal crime they may not have committed, is perfect for an evening with knitting (or many). But beware of the gauge! It’s brutal stuff, you´re watching. If necessary, hide behind your knitwear if it becomes too scary.

  5. Orange is the new Black - exciting and completely addictive series where you follow Piper Chapman's time in a women's prison – with the conflicts, love, friendships and brutal assaults that come with it. Watch all the seasons and you can produce way more than one sweater for yourself.

Five perfect Netflix knitting kits from Önling

  1. Winter twist - our popular winter lady is perfect for #NetflixAndKnit, when you are past the yoke with twists.

  2. Silk sweater – is, like Miss. Wintertwist, also perfect for serial-binging after the yoke with shortrows and the little stars.

  3. Fluffy Fluffy sweater – this sweater is perfect for binging as you keep knitting around and around. Just remember to change the color of the stripes, even if you are immersed in an exciting series.

  4. Ahhhh Mink Sweater - luxury from top to toe and super uncomplicated to knit.

  5. Sweater with specks - easy to knit and on relatively large needles. Give it full throttle and you will be finished with your sweater after a single season of your favorite series.

Do you also like to watch series and knit at the same time?

    We hope you found some good inspiration above, and now we only have left to say happy summer and happy #NetflixAndKnit :-) 

    by Signe Kamper Kankelborg