Now I'm addicted to knitting

Today you will meet one of our new knitters; Alberte, our Sustainability & Marketing Coordinator, who recently launched herself into the world of knitting everything blue. Today she is already knitting clothes for herself and is just about to knit a slipover that she has designed in collaboration with her mother. We talked to Alberte about her path into a new hobby.


Why did you start knitting?

I was really inspired to start knitting when I started working for Önling. Today I am addicted to it and practice almost daily so I can get better and faster.

How did you learn?

My mother is an experienced knitter and has previously taught knitting. During the Christmas holidays last year, she taught me to knit garter and purl stitches. It turned into a pretty lumpy headband and a very crooked and funny looking dish cloth. My third project was an Oslo hat mohair edition, which turned out both beautiful and useful.

What is / was the most difficult thing about getting started, and what remains the biggest challenge?   

New techniques are clearly the hardest for me. It often holds me back from starting new projects on my own. That is why I always ask for help when starting a new project - both to read the pattern and to ensure that I adhere to the correct gauge. I like PetiteKnit's simple designs and the fact that there are videos for all designs and techniques is a huge plus in my book - in addition, I use YouTube tutorials extensively.

What's the cool thing about knitting? And what is most frustrating?

It's pretty relaxing to sit with the needles in hand, and I've gradually become good enough to be able to watch Netflix at the same time. I knit a little every night and it gets me relaxed before bed. The most frustrating thing is that I still have a varying gauge. I've had to unravel a few times and change needles along the way because my gauge was off. And also, I'm still slow at knitting. I hope I finish knitting my current project before it gets too hot to use it.

What are you knitting right now, and what's your next project?

I just finished my first sweater, Novice sweater from PetiteKnit in Önling No. 1 and silk mohair. Right now I'm knitting a slipover in my favorite color (Cobalt blue (col. 40140)) in Önling No 2 with a thread of silk mohair in a slightly darker blue. The slipover is designed by my mom and I, so I'm super excited about the finished result.

My next project is either an Easy Peasy Basic sweater from Önling, which is super beginner friendly and on big needles. Or a Kumulus sweater in Isager's sky-blue silk mohair (col. 41) - if I can learn to knit i-cord edges. I knit everything in blue to fit with the rest of my wardrobe.

Your best advice to others who would like to learn how to knit

Start with a small project where you get the techniques in place and allow yourself to make mistakes. I still have my crooked dish cloth as a reminder of how miserable I was at first.

It may be difficult to read a pattern when you are at the beginner stage, but use YouTube where you will find a ton of ​​knitting tutorials, or take your project to someone who can help you if you get stuck (an experienced knitter – or perhaps to Önling’s knitting salon if you live close by)