Cable knitting - introduction, videos and patterns

Cable knitting - introduction, videos and patterns

At Önling we love experimenting with new knitting techniques and we have therefore made a resolution to create a series for our knitting blog, where you can learn new techniques and find inspiration for knit designs to knit with these techniques. This post is about knitted cables and the different ways you can knit cables.

How to knit cables?

Like everything else in life, there are many different opinions as to which technique is the best for knitting cables. Basically, when you knit cables, what happens is that the stitches change place on the needle. The more stitches that change place in a row, the wider the cable. Cables can of course be knitted so they turn to the right or to the left.

Cables can be worked with or without the use of supporting cable needles. Some people will prefer to use cable needles, but we urge you to try and work the cables without, using your right needle and fingers instead - as it speeds up your knitting and is less difficult (in our opinion).

Videos on knitted cables 

Increase the speed of your cable knitting by eliminating the use of a cable needle. This video from Knit Purl Hunter demonstrates both the left cross (stitches held to the front) and right cross (stitches held to the back) cables. 

Knitting cables using a cable needle is preferred by some people. In this video Knit Purl Hunter shows you how to do exactly that.

Great projects for learning to knit cables

If your ambition is to learn to knit cables in 2022, then we can recommend starting with a smaller project or a project with only a few cables, so you get the technique in place before you throw yourself into bigger projects.

For example, the classic and simple Miss Wintertwist sweater below is a really good place to start. It is a basic sweater, where the increases in the yoke take place in connection with working the cables. 

Miss Wintertwist sweater with cables

This lovely baby blanket called Laura's Baby Blanket with stylish cables is fully reversible. Mrs H designed this blanket for her fourth grandchild, Laura and it is nice and soft blanket that is fun and easy to knit and can be used for all genders.
Knitted in our lovely Önling No 2, which is a 100% sustainable wool, produced in Italy. The yarn is carded so it is soft, airy and absolutely itch free.

Baby blanket with knitted cables

A cute winter set consisting of fingerless mitts and a headband. This neat little knitting pattern was last year's Christmas greeting from Isager, and the knitting pattern is therefore included for free in this knitting kit. 'Little Cables' is of course decorated by a beautiful pattern of small knitted cables, and it is knit in the luxury yarn qualities Isager Tweed and Isager Silk mohair. 

Winter set with knitted calbes, 'Little cables'