Sharpei Sweater

Sharpei Sweater

Denmark is home to a great amount of upcoming knitwear designers and Önling loves to support the new talent!

Have you come across Créadia Studio? Önling started working with Nabita in the fall of 2022 and her Sharpei Sweater is Nabita's first design in Önling yarn. 

Sharpei Sweater
Sharpei Sweater is a soft and expressive sweater knitted bottom-up. Horisontal pleats adds structure to the sweater and the yarn is chosen carefully to get a light sweater. Chunky sweaters often gets a big heavy and droopy at the edges, but the yarn choice of Önling No 12 (cotton/wool) + Önling No 10 silk mohair adds both lightness and stability.  

Nabita chose to knit Sharpei with two strands of No 12 and one strand No 10 silk-mohair, which fits the gauge of 16-17 sts/10 cm (4") on needle size 5 mm/ US 6.

Knitting pattern for Sharpei Sweater 
Knitting kit with yarn and pattern for Sharpei Sweater

The name Sharpei Sweater is inspired by the wrinkled look of the Shar-Pei dog, which originally was a bred as a loyal guard of home and live stock dog in China. 


About Creadia Studio
Nabita Adia Rosenlyst Jouret's roots are planted in Uganda og Belgium and today she lives in the Danish country side, where she works as a full-time knitwear designer working with her knitting patterns. Nabita is fascinated with structure and constructions and will happily go against the trend and design a sweater bottom-up if that's what's needed. And that's exactly what happened to Sharpei Sweater - the pleats look better when worked from the bottom-up, so that's the knitting direction for this sweater. 

Önling No 12 and Önling No 10 for Sharpei Sweater

Choose between 36 different colors of Önling No 12 og 43 different colors of silk mohair Önling No 10.

Brown model: Önling No 12 Camel + Önling No 10 Warm beige
Green model: Önling No 12 Tea green + Önling No 10 Tea green
Pink model: Önling No 12 Berry sorbet + Önling No 10 Pink

Washing instructions
Our Önling No 12 yarn has not been pre-washed when you receive the cones. You will get the best result by soaking the finished sweater in lukewarm water for approx. 2 hours and subsequently washing it gently using wool wash, either by hand or in your washing machine using its wool program. Dry it by laying it flat on a dry towel.