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Ingrid cardigan, knitting pattern

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Knitting pattern for Ingrid cardigan

Ingrid is our interpretation of the most beautiful, fluffy, silk mohair cardigan or summer jacket. Perfect across bare shoulders on a summer evening, where the sun is about to go down and the view of the sea and the sunset is enjoyed from the top of a sand dune in Kandestederne by the North Sea in North Jutland, Denmark. You can also cram it into a bag when going out.

Ingrid can be knitted in different varitions. The pattern explains how to knit it short or long, striped or monocolor. The model is very oversize, which means app. 30 cm / 11. more than the chest width and with deep armholes.

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The pattern is a PDF file. Immediately after purchase you will be able to download the pattern directly from the purchase confirmation page. You will also receive an e-mail with a link to your pattern, and the pattern will be available here at the site via your personal account - so remember to create an account :-)

Designed by Katrine Hannibal for Önling. 

Sizes: (XS)S(M)L(XL)2XL(3XL).

Chest width: (120)126(132)138(144)152(160) cm / (47⅕)49½(51¾)54⅓(56¾)59¾(63) inches

SHORT version length: (48)49(50)51(52)53(54) cm / (19)19¼(19¾)20¼(20½)20¾(21¼)

LONG version length: (78)79(80)81(82)83(84) cm / (30⅔)31(31½)32(32½)32⅔(33) inches

NOTE! The cardigan will lengthen 5-10 cm / 2-4 inches due to the garter ridges. Remember to take this into account when knitting.

Sleeve length under the arm: (26)27(28)29(30)31(32) cm / (10¼)10½(11)11½(11¾)12¼(12½) inches

Sleeve length under a ¾-length sleeve: (21)21(20)20(19)18(17) cm / (8¼)8¼(7¾)7¾(7½)7(6¾) inches

Materials SHORT version 
Total yarn usage incl. glimmer yarn: (190)200(210)220(235)250(265)g

Silk mohair:
Önling No 10, 70 % mohair, 30 % silk, 210 m pr. 25g. OR Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard, 72% Kidmohair, 28% Mulberry Silk 210 m pr. 25g. OR Isager Silk Mohair, 70 % kid mohair, 30 % silk, 212 m pr. 25g. 

Krea Deluxe Shiny, 80 % Viscose, 20 % Polyester, 95 m pr. 25g.

Mono-colored SHORT version: 
Color A: Copper: (175)175(175)200(200)225(225)g silk mohair 
Color E: Copper: 50g Krea Deluxe Shiny

Striped SHORT version:
Color A: Light gray: 50g silk mohair
Color B: Light yellow: (50)50(50)75(75)75(75)g silk mohair
Color C: Beige: (75)75(75)75(75)100(100)g silk mohair
Color D: Anthracite: (75)75(75)75(75)100(100)g silk mohair
Color E: Gold: 50 g Krea Deluxe Shiny

Knit with two threads of silk mohair together and one thread of glitter yarn alone for the stripes, throughout the project.

Materials LONG version
Total yarn usage incl. glitter yarn: (280)290(300)310(325)340(355) g

Önling No 10, 90 % mohair, 30 % silk, 210 m pr. 25 g OR Brushed Lace - Mohair by Canard, silk mohair, 72 % kidmohair, 28 % mulberry silk, 210 m pr. 25 g

Krea Deluxe Shiny yarn, 80 % viscose, 20 % polyester, 95 m = 25 g

Monocolor LONG version:
Color A: Copper, (250)275(275)275(300)325(350) g
Color E: Copper, 50 g

NOTE: For the monocolor version, knit the same number of stripes as for the short version, and then continue WITHOUT the glitter-stripes for the rest of work.

Striped LONG version:
Color A: Light grey, 100 g
Color B: Light yellow, (50)50(50)75(75)75(75)g
Color C: Beige, (125)125(125)125(125)150(150) g
Color D: Charcoal grey, (75)75(75)75(75)100(100) g
Color E: Gold, 75 g

NOTE: For the striped version, knit the same number of stripes as for the short version, and then continue with two extra stripes i color A and C with the glitter-stripes for the rest of work.

Knit with two threads of silk mohair together and one thread of glitter yarn alone for the stripes, throughout the project.

Recommended circular and double pointed needles size 5 / US 8 
Crochet needle for casting on stitches
8 stitch markers
3 meters accompanying thread in a contrasting color

17 sts and 30 rows (15 garter ridges) in garter st on needle size 5 / US 8 = 10 cm x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches

The cardigan is knit back and forth, from top to bottom. Cast on stitches using a temporary crochet cast on for knitting the rib edge at the neck from the middle and out. Then pick up and knit stitches along this collar and knit the cardigan from the top down in one piece. The yoke is worked with raglan increases and with deep armholes. Hereafter the work is divided, and both sleeves and body are worked separately. The length can easily be adjusted and knit longer if desired.

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