Advent calendar for knitters 2022

Pamper yourself with cozy Advent calendar with yarn, pattern and lovely gifts. This year we continue the tradition of designing and curating a gorgeous advent calendar for knitters with yarn, pattern and surprises.

The Advent calendar contains a full knitting project and you can choose between 3 different projects. Every Sunday you also get an extra advent knitting gift, to ensure that all of december is filled with pampering and cosy knitting surprises 🎄

When you receive the Advent box you'll find 4 numbered gifts in it - one for each Sunday in December. Pattern will arrive in 4 pieces in your inbox on Fridays. 

☆ Yarn  Pattern  Special gifts ☆

3 knitting calendars for all knitters

Advent calendar #1

A knitting calendar for alle knitters. Önling's Creative Director Katrine Hannibal has designed a slipover/vest with great details and a very thorough pattern without knitting abreviations.

It's designed for marled yarn and you make your own colour combination from 28 colours of Önling No 15 merino.

from US$ 99,- (value US$147)

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Advent calendar #2

A Fair Isle scarf designed by Danish knitwear designer Ruth Soerensen.

The 12 colour variations are inspired by Danish landscapes, towns and local colours. E.g. you'll find the apple orchards of Funen and colurs of the danish lake distict around Silkeborg. All kits are Önling No 20.

US$ 109 ,- (value US$ 174)

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Advent calendar #3

Danish knitwear designer Ruth Soerensen har designed this year's big Advent project. It's a Fair isle sweater. Keeping a fine balance between knitting traditions and a modern fit the sweater is so beautiful!

We can't show you the sweater yet - of course - but it will be so exciting to see projects unfold world-wide in December. All kits are Önling No 20.

from US$ 142,- (value US$ 220)

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Inspiration from Danish towns and landscapes

The kits for the fair isle calendars #2 and #3 draw on inspiration from the cultural and natural heritage of Denmark.

You'll find the old houses of Danish market towns like 9. Ribe (left), that is actually the oldest settlement in Scandinavia. Some kits, like 4. Viborg (middle), 1. Sandvig, 5. Bogense and 8. Silkeborg have references to the colour of landscapes. Sandvig resembles the color scheme of rocky ground and special vegetation on Bornnholm Island. 5. Bogense is a town in Nothern Funen and famous for apple orchards. Can you se the flowering apple trees?

The lake district around Silkeborg with it's big forests and ice age landscapes are pictured in the blue/green kit 8.

On the right side we have Kikhavn. A beautiful little town with its forestry, coastal cliffs and a cute light house.

Ribe kit #9
Viborg kit #4
Kikhavn kit #3
Ultimate pampering

The Advent calendar is for all knitters, who want to treat themselves or others to a great deal of pampering in December. With an advent calendar for knitters, you get everything you need for a predefined knitting project.

It is a tradition at Önling to put together a lovely Christmas calendar for knitters, which, in addition to yarn and a pattern for a brand new knitting project, contains gifts and handpicked surprises.

So if you love to knit, then this is a great treat for yourself - or someone you care about. You can look forward to an inspiring and challenging knitting project, with the hope that it can create wonderful knitting experiences thoughout December.

Advent calendar with yarn and knitting

Like the previous years, we have gone out our way to ensure that this year's advent calendar, will fill your December with yarn surprises, Christmas pampering and great knitting experiences.

This year there are a as many as three knitting advent calendars to choose from:

1) Knitting advent calendar for beginners in soft yarn

2) The light Fair isle calendar - with a small easy project in multicolored knitting

3) The large Fair isle yarn calendar with a large knitting project with more difficult techniques

From mid-September you can preorder your advent calendar and we start shipping them out by mid October. You can order your Christmas calendar for knitters as long as stocks last, but to be sure you have it before the 1st Sunday in Advent, you must order no later than Sunday 20 November.

What is a knitting advent calendar?

The advent calendar is a complete knitting kit with a brand new pattern and high quality yarn - and on top of this we ad a special knitting surprise in every package.

The inspiration comes from the old tradition of getting a gift every Sunday leading up to Christmas. You will be sent 4 numbered packages containing yarn and surprises. The pattern is split into four and a part is sent to you digitally by email every friday, so you have it for each Advent Sunday.

If you love to knit, then this is quite obviously a great treat for yourself - or someone you care about .

The knitting project for your Christmas advent calendar is unknown, i.e. you don't get to see it in its entirety until you start knitting. You will have an overall idea about what to knit e.g. a vest, a hat, a scarf or a sweater and all you need to do is choose your color.

Lean back and look forward to being surprised and pampered every weekend in December with yarn, knitting and lovely presents. You will receive numbered packages - one for each sunday in advent. This way we hope we have a small share in creating a wonderful Christmas month full of great knitting moments.