Yarn advent calendar 2021

The history behind advent

The Advent calendar concept originates from Germany, where the German Lutherans first used it in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Advent is an important part of the Christian calendar, granted these days, it is more about preparing and counting down for Christmas.

Advent means 'coming' in Latin and
it covers the 4 Sundays before Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Advent starts on the Sunday nearest to 30 November.

The Nordic tradition

In the Nordics, we grab every opportunity to get some light and happiness into the very dark month of December.

Because we are located so far North, our day starts around 9 am where we see the first light of day, but sadly the sun sets already by 3-3.30 pm, which leaves us with some very long, dark evenings.  Perhaps, that is why we treasure our advent calendars and Christmas calendars so dearly.

We have many ways to count down and spread light during December. We have the advent candles, which is a large candle marked with all the days from the 1st-24th of December – and every day you burn a bit of the candle. We also have a lovely tradition of the TV ‘julekalender’
(Christmas calendar), which is a big annual TV production with 24 episodes, leading up to Christmas. Usually it is something the entire family gathers around and it is the BEST way to get in the Christmas spirit.

Why an advent calendar for knitters?

As described above, the advent calendar is used as a cosy measure of counting down to Christmas, and to spread light and joy during the long month of December. For this reason, an advent calendar for knitters is an obvious and lovely way to spread joy.

Every Sunday takes us yet another week closer to Santa Claus coming to town ;)

And we cannot think of a better way to spend time than to do what you enjoy most – knitting

Presenting our knitting advent calendar 2021

Finally, it is time to present our advent calendar for knitters 2021! This year we have not one, but two knitting advent calendars. We have created an advent calendar for experienced knitters, among others for all of you who have previously purchased our popular advent calendars - as well as an advent calendar for new knitters, who would also like to join the tradition and try a December full of knitting and surprises at a beginner friendly level. We have been working on the contents for a while now, and we have really made an effort to create a special advent calendar full of fun, pampering, surprises and knitting, so we can live up to the high expectations set by the previous years popular knitting advent calendars.

Yarn advent calendar = yarn + surprises

Off course we cannot say too much about the contents of our advent calendar, but it wouldn’t be saying too much to confirm that it is a Yarn advent calendar 😉 And then there is of course a lot more to it! The advent calendar contains yarn for a knitting project as well as of course a knitting pattern and careful instructions, to help you from start to finish on the project. This goes for the advent calendar for new knitters, as well as for the knitting calendar for experienced knitters. Furthermore, we can reveal that the advent calendar yarn, is a beautiful, luxurious, and super soft, new Önling yarn, that is not yet available for sale at our web shop. The knitting projects for both advent calendars are of course also designed especially for the advent calendar and for the advent yarn. In addition to yarn for the project, each of the 4 advent packages contains a small surprise present, that is not directly related to yarn, but a small treat to fill your December with Christmas fun, pampering and coziness.

An advent calendar for women

Men are of course more than welcome to purchase, receive and knit the advent calendar, but we have to admit that it was primarily an advent calendar for women we had in mind when we designed the contents of our advent calendar 2021. The project to knit during the advent calendar is designed for women, and the small gifts and surprises along the way, are also chosen with a female recipient in mind. That being said, the advent calendar can be for anyone who loves to knit, and that would enjoy being pampered in December. It can be advent calendar for your mother, an advent calendar for your girlfriend/wife, for a special friend – or of course for yourself!

If you are uncertain about what size to choose for a gift, then we advise to take the larger size, as the size only determines the amount of yarn included in the package. The knitting pattern includes all sizes as well as finished measurements, so the recipient can choose herself which size to knit, and it is therefore better to have too much yarn rather than too little.

Choose your advent calendar 2021 above

At the top of this page, you can see our two yarn advent calendars. Here you can first choose between the Advent calendar for experienced knitters, and the Easy Peasy Advent calendar for new knitters. When you have chosen one, you get the opportunity to choose color or colors for the yarn. The advent calendar for experienced knitters includes 3 yarn colors for a beautiful fair isle pattern. The advent calendar for new knitters only includes one color, but here you have the option to add an embroidery kit, so you can try to embroider on you knitting. We ship to customers worldwide, and we are happy to ship your advent calendar to almost any country in the world. In the unlikely event that your country is not listed at checkout, please contact us at info@oenling.com so we can find a way to send it to you!