Kits with cashmere yarn

Add some cashmere luxury

Welcome to our exclusive collection of knitting kits with cashmere yarn. Cashmere yarn is made from cashmere wool from the cashmere goats, and it is a very soft and light fiber, that can make your knitting project extraordinary and luxurious. These knitting kits are primarily made with out own cashmere yarns, Önling No 3, Önling No 5, and Önling No 11 that all combines cashmere with other natural fibers, as well as our Cashmere accompanying thread.

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Önling offers a complete knitting experience based on classic, Scandinavian designs and sustainable yarn. At Önling we develop knitting patterns and provide a broad choice of knitting kits from a range of talented Danish knit designers. In addition to that we sell yarn and knitting accessories, including our own range of sustainable Önling yarn. Everything we do is based on strong sustainable values, and with a focus on sustainable production, natural material and design with a long lifetime. Take a look around and find inspiration for your next knitting project!