Lotte learned to knit with her daughter

Lotte learned to knit with her daughter

We are often asked by people from near and far how you learn to knit. It may seem like a daunting project to embark on, but you can actually become a skilled and capable knitter in a relatively short time. Of course, practice makes perfect, but you do not have to knit for a lifetime to master the difficult techniques.

We want to inspire even more people to learn how to knit. It is a fantastic activity that creates both peace of mind and beautiful clothes.

We have therefore interviewed a number of new knitters about their experience with learning to knit. Today you will meet Lotte Ronan, one of our two boss ladies at Önling. She started knitting just four months ago and has already knitted her first sweater in a beautiful mother-daughter collaboration.

Why did you throw yourself into the art of knitting? After all, you have been pressured from time to time by all the knitting ladies at Önling, but you would not surrender. Before now ... What happened??

My daughter came to me one day and said she would like to learn to knit, and when you have a 14-year-old daughter who would like to spend more time with you, you don’t say no. So I sat down and learned step-by-step the basics and chose a pattern I thought we could master. And then my daughter and I embarked on the very beginner-friendly Novice Sweater from Petite Knit

So how did you learn to knit?

I learned it for the first time in needlework in primary school - it's many years ago, so unfortunately those skills had become a bit rusty. When my daughter and I started knitting our first ‘project’ four months ago, all learning was done using knitting videos on YouTube. I also got a lot of help from my colleagues at Önling - especially our sweet and talented Mette, who had to tolerate both calls and text messages from me, every time I encountered something difficult or had doubts about how to proceed. She always helped with a smile and lots of patience.

Knitting is a whole new language 

What was the most difficult thing about getting started, and is there something that constantly challenges you?

My biggest challenge is definitely reading and understanding a pattern. I have yet to learn that, as the Novice Sweater pattern is written in a very beginner-friendly language. I am a little worried about having to start reading a 'regular' pattern written for experienced knitters, because it seems like you have to learn a whole new language.

Furthermore, I think it is a challenge to choose yarn and combine colors. After all, it is super difficult to imagine what the end product will look like, when you are looking at 5 or 6 balls of yarn in front of you. And there are many hours wasted if the result does not end up being what you had hoped. But I think and believe that practice makes perfect, so I guess just have to try and make a lot of mistakes :)

Det er fedt at skabe selv

What is the coolest about knitting - and the most annoying?

The cool thing about knitting is clearly that you produce something with your own hands and to see the end product grow stitch by stitch. That you can create something yourself that turns into a great product that you actually want to wear.

The most frustrating thing, on the other hand, is that it doesn’t always progress as fast as I want it to. I am not yet very good at enjoying the knitting process itself, I always rush to get finished, so I can reach the finish line as quick as possible…

What is your best advice for others who want to start knitting?  

I'm not doing anything right now, but have just finished the Novice Sweater from PetiteKnit in a lovely yarn combination of Önling No. 1 and silk mohair. I have several projects in the mold that are just waiting for me to get started: The Easy Peasy Basic Sweater from Önling will definitely be next, as it is an easy beginners project on large needles. Also, I would like to knit a Fluffy Fluffy Sweater or the Ultimate Go to sweater from Plummum.

What is your best advice for others who want to start knitting?

First and foremost; buy some proper yarn - cause damn, there is a lot of time wasted if you spend many hours making something that doesn’t live up to your expectations or gets ruined after a few washes. A hand knitted sweater should emit luxury and softness and not poor acrylic quality. 

Secondly; Choose something easy to start with so you don't overcomplicate it for yourself - then you might end up giving up halfway. Also, make sure you have a lifeline you can call when you are facing a difficult challenge - a phrase in a pattern, a technique or something else that makes you stall.

In addition, I was happy to start knitting on relatively large needles as the work progressed faster - then I felt that rapid progress was happening and that motivated me to keep going! 

We hope this New Knitter story has inspired you to learn how to knit yourself! You are always welcome in our showroom for help and guidance or in our knitting community on Facebook, where we answer knitting related questions.

Keep an eye out for our next story in our “New Knitter” series.