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Fluffy Fluffy sweater, mohair knitting kit

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Yarn kit for Fluffy fluffy sweater, in 5 colors Mohair.

The light and soft Fluffy Fluffy is the perfect summer knit, in knitted in light Silk Mohair and decorated with stripes in Shiny glitter yarn from Krea Deluxe. Last summer it was one of your absolute favorites - so we have created several new yarn kits in the most beautiful summer colors. Furthermore we have designed a kimono to match. See all yarn kits in related products below. 

Fluffy Fluffy is a beautiful and trendy sweater, with a great fit, pretty details and lots of glitter. In this kit it is knitted in with 5 colors silk mohair, either Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard or our own ÖNling No 10, with glitter stripes in Shiny Krea Deluxe. 

Fluffy fluffy sweater can be knitted in your favorite colors, in single color, two-color or multi-striped. Only your imagination sets the limits. It is also available in our Isager silk mohair, in stripes or monochrome version. If you cant find your favorite colors, see all our mohair yarn here.

This yarn kit contains: Silk Mohair and Shiny Krea Deluxe for the elected size and a pattern.

The pattern is a PDF file. Immediately after purchase you will be able to download the pattern directly from the purchase confirmation page. You will also receive an e-mail with a link to your pattern, and the pattern will be available here at the site via your personal account - so remember to create an account :-)

Choose size and color for your yarn kit above.

Designed by Katrine Hannibal for Önling.

Sizes: (XS)S(M)L(XL)2XL(3XL).
Chest circumference: (87)99(106)112(119)125(134) cm / (34 1/3)39(34¾)44(47)49⅕(50 4/5) inches.
Length mid back: (56)57(58)59(60)61(62) cm / (22)22½(22¾)23¼(23½)24(241/2) inches.
¾ length sleeve length under the arm: (28)29(30)31(32)32(32) cm / (11)11½(11¾)12¼(12½)12½(12½) inches.
Full length sleeve length under the arm (43)44(45)46(47)47(47) cm / (17)17 1/4(17 3/4)18(18 1/2)18 1/2(18 1/2) inches.

In total: (200)200(200)200(250)250(300) g Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard, 72% Kidmohair, 28% Mulberry Silk 210 m pr. 25g.
OR Önling No 10, 70 % mohair, 30% silk, 210 m pr. 25 g. 

50g Shiny by Krea Deluxe, 80 % Viscose, 20 % Polyester, 95 m pr. 25 g.

Work through the entire project with 2 threads of silk mohair held together or 1 thread of Shiny.

You are welcome to mix and match your own colors. We have chosen to use the following colors and amounts, but only your imagination sets the limits

5 colored version:
Color A: 50 g Silk mohair
Color B: (50)50(50)50(50)50(75) g Silk mohair
Color C: (25)25(25)25(50)50(50) g Silk mohair
Color D: 50 g Silk mohair
Color E: (25)25(25)25(50)50(50) g Silk mohair
Color F: Krea Deluxe Shiny  50 g

Circular needle and double pointed needles size 3 and 5 mm / US 3 and 8
7 markers
3 meters accompanying thread in a contrasting color

18 sts and 27 rows in stockinette st on needle size 5 mm / US 8 = 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches

The sweater is worked in the round, from the top down. Cast on stitches using a temporary crochet cast on, so the size of the neckline can be adjusted subsequently. Short rows are worked across the shoulder and back at the beginning to give a higher neckline. The yoke is worked with increases. Hereafter the work is divided, and both the sleeves and the body are worked separately.

Color variants with color codes: 
(BL = Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard, No 10 = Önling No 10)

Color variants Color A Color B Color C Color D Color E Shiny
ORG. BL 3020 BL 3023
No10 2372 
BL 3034
BL 3026 
Kit 2
BL 3009
BL 3014
BL 3048
BL 3034
BL 3000 
Kit 3
BL 3026
BL 3020
BL 3023
No10 0080
BL 2475
Kit 4
No10 2475 No10 0080 No10 2371 No10 0956 Bl 3001 01
Kit 5
BL 3307
BL 3026
BL 3048
BL 3000
BL 3005 
Kit 6
BL 3002
No10 0349
No10 1115
BL 3023
N o10 0884
Kit 7
BL 3020
BL 3005
No10 0080 BL 3009 Bl 3009 08
Kit 8 
No10 3628 
No10 5026 
No10 3144
No10 3133
No10 80 
Kit 9 No10 2911
No10 1364
No10 118
No10 8463 
Kit 10 No10 0307 No10 1763 No10 2791 No10 2425 No10 80 01

Please Note: 
The price of the yarn kit is calculated based on the amount of yarn included, which is the amount we have used to knit the design according to the above measurements. Should you need more yarn, additional yarn can be purchased at regular prices by placing an order and state lot number in the comment box at checkout. All designs have been thoroughly calculated and tested.

At Önling most of our knitting patterns are delivered digitally as PDF files*. It has numerous advantages:

- You get your knitting pattern instantly after purchase.
- You can find your pattern later.
- We save resources, by only printing what's necessary.

*Patterns from PetiteKnit and Isager are only sold as printed patterns.

How to get your digital pattern:

You can choose between 4 different ways to find and open your pattern.

1) Download directly after purchase:

Right after payment, you'll be able to download your pattern directly from our website, on the page with the order confirmation. Simply click the button "Open and download your knitting pattern here". Here you'll be able to see available files and download them.

2) Link in the order confirmation:

Right after your purchase, you'll receive an order confirmation by email. In addition to seeing the products in your order, you'll find a link to download your knitting pattern.

3) Email with a link:

You'll also receive an automatic email with a direct link to your pattern and a guide on how to download it. The email will be sent by Önling with the subject "Your knitting patterns from Önling are right here". Since this e-mail is sent automatically, there's a risk that it might end up in your spam folder. Check your spam folder, if you don't receive the e-mail right after purchase.

4) Find in your profile:

Your knitting patterns will be saved in your profile here on the website, so you'll always be able to return and find them. By creating a profile with the same e-mail address, you use for purchases, you'll automatically create your own library of knitting patterns.

We deliver knitting patterns from Önling - Katrine Hannibal, a nordic knitting tale, Plummum, Spektakelstrik and Yarn Lovers digitally. We're only allowed to send patterns from PetiteKnit and Isager in print. Therefore, these will be sent by mail, and if they're lost, we won’t be able to replace them.

Washing instructions for your knitwear
Wool can last for years, but it requires good care. Washing is tough on your woolen garments and in general wool needs to be washed much less than other materials as it has a self-cleaning effect. Often it is enough to hang your woolen sweater / garment outside in the humid weather or bring it with you into the bathroom, when you take a long, hot shower - the steam will often be enough to freshen it up it and remove any unwanted odors.

Specifically for knitwear knitted in Önling's Everyday Kit
Neither Önling No 12 nor No 13, is pre-washed when you receive it on cones. You get the best result if you soak your finished knitted garment in lukewarm water for approx. 2 hours. Then wash the garment as you would otherwise with washing detergent for wool, either by hand or on a wool program in your washing machine. Dry it by laying it flat.

Specifically for knitwear knitted in Önling's Silk kit
As the Silk Kit from Önling contains 3 different qualities (linen, wool and silk), we recommend that you always wash your silk sweater / garment by hand, to avoid it changing shape or appearance during wash. The three qualities will react differently to water, temperatures, etc. Önling can not take responsibility for the result if you wash your silk sweater in the washing machine. Your garment made from the silk kit should NOT be spun or tumble dried. Instead, dry it by laying it flat.

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