Technique for cutting up a cardigan

By Katrine Hannibal for Önling


This is a super easy way to transform a sweater into a cardigan. It is particularly useful if you are knitting a pattern and prefer to knit the pattern on the round. Or if you just prefer to knit on the round, as I do. 

Cast on 15 sts extra at the front (in the middle). Throughout the work, knit these extra 15 sts in stockinette sts and in the same colors as you are already knitting. If you are knitting with more colors, knit 1 st of each color over the 15 sts. 

When you are finished knitting the cardigan, sew with long stitches on a machine (stitch length of 1½-2 mm / ½- ¾ inch) straight down on either side of the 8th st (the middle st) of the 15 cutting sts.

Carefully cut in the middle of the 8th st with a pair of scissors. (The sts that are sewn on, on each side of)

Fold the 7 cutting sts behind each front edge on the WS, bend the outer st around and sew the facing by hand, all the way from the lower edge to the neck edge.

Pick up new sts along either side of the edges to knit a pretty front edge.