Sunday Collection by PetiteKnit

The Sunday collection by PetiteKnit is a popular series of Sunday sweaters and Sunday cardigans, characterized by the beautiful rib pattern at the round yoke. Here below you can find and a series of knitting kits for all the versions of the popular Sunday design.

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The Sunday series is only one of many popular designs from PetiteKnit, see for instance the Anker's series and the Balloon series, or see all knitting kits from PetiteKnit.

PetiteKnit has a range of beautiful and simple designs, that are well suited as beginner knits, and many of the patterns are supplemented by video tutorials on YouTube, showing the knitting techniques used for a given pattern. So, if you are new to knitting and are looking for easy knitting patterns, PetiteKnit might be a good place to start.