Vest knitting patterns

Knitting patterns for sweater vests – slipovers

Are you looking for a knitting pattern for a knitted vest - also known as a sweater vest or a slipover – so you can be part of this season’s by far most popular knitting trend – knitted sweater vests? At Önling we love sweater vests, so we have designed a couple ourselves as well as hand-picked knitting patterns from other talented designers, to give you a large collection of awesome vest knitting patterns to choose from. If you are also looking for yarn, we have created knitting kits for sweater vests with pattern and matching yarn as well. If you are creative when styling your outfit, you can also use a knitted summer top as a vest – the many styling options are one of the best things about knitted vests!

Knitted vest for any occasion

Sweater vests are super popular right now, and a thing you quickly notice when looking at the many different designs and knitting patterns, is the great variation and endless styling opportunities.

Style your knitted vest in many ways….

First of all, there are many ways to style a sweater vest, so even if you only knit one, you can use it on week days and for parties, both summer and winter, depending on what you wear it with. A knitted vest over a white shirt and pants gives an elegant, casual business look, while a knitted vest with a flower dress can make up a beautiful summer party look, with the added benefit of keeping you warm when the summer day turns into a chilly summer evening. And then we haven’t even begun talked about how many different styling options you have, just by varying which everyday t-shirt or blouse you wear underneath your sweater vest. So even if you just want to knit one sweater vest, chances are that you will get to wear it a lot. On the other hand, we are quite certain, that once you get started with knitted vests, you will not stop at one!

… or knit different types of sweater vests

When you look at any collection of knitting patterns for sweater vests, it quickly becomes clear, that there is an enormous variation in design style. In our collection of knitting patterns, we for instance have patterns for sweater vests with turtleneck (roll neck), sweater vests with V-neck, and round neck sweater vests. And then sweater vests can of course be either cropped or long. Another way to create variation and unique knit design is by using different types of yarn, which is also clear when we look at knitted vests. Here you find knitting patterns for sweater vests in both thin and thick wool yarn, as well as light and airy vests knit in silk mohair yarn, for instance the popular Saga Vest from Spektakelstrik.  

As always when knitting, a benefit of knitting yourself is that you get to choose the colors and it is easy to add a personal touch by the choice of colors as well as the choice of knitting in one or multiple colors, with stripes or mixed colors etc. For an example of this, see our Coco Mohair Slipover, that we have knit in both a unicolor and a multicolor version – which gives two completely different slipovers.

Sweater vests from many designers

In addition to our own designs for sweater vest and knitted tops (that can also be used as slipovers so you can enjoy them year-round), we also have knitting patterns for sweater vests by other talented knit designers. Among the knit designers that have thrown their love on sweater vests, two are particularly worth mentioning. PetiteKnit, who is famous for her lovely, simple designs, has created a wide selection of vest knitting patterns with varying looks, and here you can find sweater vests with V-neck as well as sweater vests with roll neck, and round neck vests. Knitting patterns by PetiteKnit are only available as part of a knitting kit, see knitting kits for vests by PetiteKnit here

And then we of course must mention Spektakelstrik, who perfects the art of creating varying looks and expression by using different types of yarn from super thin to very chunky, as well as combining colors in playful ways. Spektakelstrik offers knitting patterns for silk mohair vests as well as chunky vests at large needles. And she is a great inspiration in terms of using colors, so you will find ideas for unicolor vests, mixed colors and sweater vests with stripes. See vest knitting patterns from Spektakelstrik here.

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