Kits with mink yarn

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Exclusive luxurious yarns with mink

Welcome to our exclusive selection of knitting kits with mink yarn. These knitting kits contain our own popular mink yarn, Önling No 3, which is a super soft luxury yarn consisting of mink, cashmere, wool and viscose. Mink changes fur three times a year, and it is the fur the mink no longer need that is made into yarn.

No mink is killed to give fur for yarn - it is exclusively the fur from the animals that are not to continue as breeding animals that is being used. Their fur is shed and handled by farmers who gentle removes the shedded fur with gloves.

We always make sure that the materials we use are made in the best possible way, both in terms of animal welfare, pesticides, water and chemistry. Sustainability for us is a 360 degree consideration and therefore it is important, that the designs we sell have a long life time and a classic look, so they can be used for many years to come. Read more about our passion for sustainability here 

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