Dresses & skirts knitting patterns

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Knitting patterns for dresses and skirts

Summer knits are underestimated but a knitted dress can be gorgeous!

Welcome to this small collection of knitting patterns for dresses. If you are looking for a pattern for a knitted dress, we have a few ideas for feminine, light summer dresses here.

Is a knitted dress your next summer knitting project?

Knitted dresses are probably a somewhat overlooked or underestimated knitting project, as are many types of summer knits, at least compared to the classic knitting discipline - the knitted sweater. But knitted dresses and other summer knits really have their place in the world. We love to knit in the shade with a cup of iced coffee during the summer holiday, and we love wearing our knitted summer dresses for summer parties, at the office and on holidays. In addition to the knitting patterns for dresses above we have recently developed a whole series of knitting patterns for t-shirts and summer tops. If you choose the correct yarn, it will not be too warm neither to knit or to wear in the summer.

Yarn for summer knits

As knitted dresses are most likely a thing you will wear in the summer, we recommend choosing “summer yarn” for your knitting pattern. The obvious go-to summer yarn is cotton yarn, where we always prefer organic cotton as that is better for the environment and the people who grow the cotton. But cotton is not the only option, and we are very proud of our Silk kit consisting of 3 thin yarns made of silk, linen and merino wool, respectively, and works very well for knitted dresses and other summer knits and is used for the Iris dress and Erika dress. See knitting kits for dresses to purchase the knitting patterns above with matching yarn, or knitting kits for our silk kit, to see more examples of how the Silk kit can be used.

Sustainable at heart – design philosophy at Önling

Önling is based on a strong philosophy for sustainability and design, that forms the basis for all our knitting patterns. In short, we strive to design your favorite clothes that you will love for many years to come. We believe that can be done through simple, timeless design and high-quality natural materials. In addition to knitting patterns for women, we have therefore developed a series of Önling yarn consisting of sustainable and luxury yarns made from natural materials. Knit designs from Önling are therefore available both as knitting patterns and a knitting kits with pattern and matching yarn.