Beginner knitting kits

Beginner knitting kits

For beginners (and even for experienced knitters) it can be a jungle to find your way around the different yarn types, gauge, yardage etc. How do you find out which yarn you can use for a knitting pattern? We have made it super easy for you by finding yarn that fits the patterns and calculated the right amount of yarn for you - and then we have prepared a number of knitting kits for beginners, consisting of suitable yarn in the right amount as well as the pattern. A knitting kit for beginners means that you do not have to think about anything other than finding the model you want to knit and then choose the color. It doesn't get much easier than that.

What is a good beginner kit for a sweater?

If you are looking for inspiration for a good beginner kit for a lovely sweater, then we can definitely recommend our Easy Peasy basic sweater which is worked from the top down without any finishing (by "without finishing" we mean that there is nothing to sew together at the end, as the sweater is knitted in one piece. You certainly do not have to learn to sew nicely as well right now ...). The round yoke makes it a perfect basic sweater that can be used for all occasions. As it is knitted from top to bottom, it is easy to try it on along the way and adjust so that it fits perfectly - either with longer sleeves or body.

Knitting kits from different designers

Knitting designers often recommend knitting their design in a particular yarn type, and that sometimes makes it difficult as a beginner to replace the yarn with another type of yarn. Therefore, we have converted the models we offer from other designers, and given you an opportunity for other yarn choices than the original. For example, we have a number of beginner-friendly knitting kits from PetiteKnit, who amongst others has designed the popular Novice sweater, which is also knitted from top to bottom with a round yoke. For Novice sweater we have found a yarn alternative to the original, and replaced it with our own Önling No 1 and Önling No 10 yarn for a supersoft result. Our yarn is spun at a small family-run spinning mill and is produced according to organic standards. In addition, it is incredibly soft and completely itch-free, so the yarn is a perfect alternative for other wool yarns.

Focus on beginner knitting

At Önling, we focus on beginner knitting, and on introducing new knitters to the inspiring world of knitting, without making it too overwhelming. That is why we have developed an entire beginner knitting area on our website, with all the content you want as a new knitter. Under the heading "Learn how to knit", we have created a good starting point for beginners, with everything you need to know to get started and links to a bunch of helpful content, videos, tips and instructions. Among other things, we have made a series of instructional videos that show you step by step the most basic knitting techniques, so you can see the techniques over and over again. We are constantly expanding with more instructional videos. On our blog we have written a number of posts specifically to help beginners e.g. "A guide to good beginner knitting projects" and "How to knit a sweater - 7 tips when you want to knit your first sweater ever. When you want to move on and are ready to start your first knitting project, we have collected both knitting patterns for beginners and knitting kits for beginners, so you can easily find a project that is both beginner-friendly and beautiful. 

Do you want to follow our designs

We are constantly developing new knitting designs and we often prepare new knitting kits for both our own models and designs from other designers. If you want to stay on top with the latest knitting trends, you can sign up for our newsletter. Every week we update you with new designs, the latest trends and with good offers and discounts. You can also follow us on social media - Instagram and Facebook, and if you feel like sparring with other knitters, please join our Önling Knit Community on Facebook.