Balaclava – patterns and knitting kits

Here above you find our selection of patterns and kits for knitted balaclavas, so you can get started knitting your own balaclava. Balaclavas have suddenly emerged as a massive winter trend, and the many stunning design by well-known knit designers underlines, that the popularity of balaclavas is still increasing. So, if you have not yet knitted a balaclava, it is surely time to take up your knitting needles and favorite yarn! A knitted balaclava is a warming luxury in cold winter months as well as a personal accessory, that can be knit to match your personal style, favorite colors etc. At Önling we sell balaclava knitting patterns and knitting kits with yarn and pattern included. Knitting kits with matching yarn, is especially recommended for new knitters, as we have carefully selected yarn that matches the design and gauge. This way you can get started without searching for suitable yarn, and avoid the risk of spending your time knitting a balaclava that does not turn out as expected, due to the wrong type of yarn.

Popular designer balaclavas

Knitted balaclavas have recently seen a massive increase in popularity for adults and children alike. This is for instance seen in the range of balaclava knitting patterns for adults, where many of the famous Danish knit designers have made some stunning new designs. If you are looking for balaclava patterns for adults, you are therefore particularly lucky, as there are multiple great designs to choose from. Danish designer Spektakelstrik has a special love for balaclavas and has made several patterns that you can find above. The most popular is probably Wonderland Balaclava, a snug balaclava with a folded rib edge. The knitting kit for Wonderland Balaclava includes two soft luxury yarns, Önling No 1 and Silk mohair. The immensely popular designer PetiteKnit has also made her contribution to the popularity of balaclavas with the stunning November Balaclava. PetiteKnit is known for her simple, Nordic designs as well as attention to details, feminine design, and a great fit, all of which are evident in the November Balaclava. In other words, there is ample opportunity to find your new favorite balaclava pattern among the Nordic knit designs above.

Balaclavas for baby and children

Knitted balaclavas are particularly popular for children and babies, and therefore we also present balaclava patterns for child size balaclavas. Balaclavas have many advantages, most notable that they will keep the ears as well as the neck warm, and that they don’t easily fall off or get stuck at the playground. If you are looking for a balaclava pattern for children, we can recommend November Balaclava Mini by PetiteKnit. It is worked in a fisherman’s rib, which gives a lovely, elastic result, and it has a fantastic fit around the head and face. The pattern includes 3 sizes, so you can knit a balaclava for baby, or a balaclava for children up to 7 years of age. We knit it with our popular Önling No 1 and Silk mohair, creating a super soft feel and look.