20 gift ideas for less than 45$

Do you need inspiration for a gift for someone who loves knitting? Maybe as a gift for the perfect hostess, a Christmas gift, or just as a little something for someone you love... Whatever it is, you can find the perfect gift idea here.

On this page you will find a number of suggestions and ideas for gifts for 40$ or less. It could for example be some high quality circular needles from Hiya Hiya, a set of knitting needles, or what about one of our beautiful and popular knitting books? It is an easy gift to give to the woman who has everything, as there is always plenty of new inspiration to be found in a knitting book.

Knitting accessories such as a row counter, knitting needle case, pretty measuring tapes and not least circular needles - also interchangeable knitting needles - are also popular gifts for the passionate knitter.

If you have the time, you can also give a homemade gift, which shows consideration and that you have put time and love into the project. For example a pretty, embroidered purse is a very popular gift idea. Homemade / knitted gifts are almost always a success, as long as you have taken into account the color preferences and preferences in general of the lucky receiver.