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Leather case for knitting needles, small, by MG&Ko

Regular price $24.00

Small case for knitting needles, with room for one set of double pointed needles up to size 6mm, or two sets of needles up to size 3,5mm. Handmade in light brown / beige leather with metal snap buttons.

Knitting accessories by MG&Ko

These gorgeous knitting and crochet accessories are all handmade by Matilde in her apartment in Copenhagen. Making leather bags and knitting accessories is a spare time passion, and she does it not for the money but because she cannot stop! Matilde started out making leather bags, and as a keen knitter she realized that she could make these beautiful and practical knitting accessories from the small leather pieces that were left after making larger leather bags.

We are blown away by the beauty, high quality and genius way of making

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