Why knit with magic loop?

Why knit with magic loop?

Why knit with magic loop instead of double pointed needle?

Magic loop is a technique that you can knit when your circular needle is too long for your knitting project. This often happens when you are knitting sleeves, the neck of a sweater or something else with only few stitches. Also, if you don't have a short circular needle (40 cm), magic loops with longer wires can easily be used instead of investing in a new circular needle. It is recommended to knit magic loop with 80 cm needles, but if you have fewer stitches, 60 cm can also be used.

Whether to use circular needles or double pointed needles is an individual choice. Some never become good friends with the 5 needles, while others completely give up if they have to knit the magic loop technique. Therefore, give it a try and find out what suits you best. Many new techniques need to be practiced quite a few times before you get it right. 

Stitch marker tip: If you use a stitch marker to mark the start of your round, it will fall off when you reach the end of your magic loop round. Therefore, place the marker on the stitch to the right of the last stitch so it doesn't fall off. Note, however, that inn this case, the round does not start at the stitch marker, but one stitch after. You can also keep an eye on the start of the round by looking for the supporting / starting thread.

How to use magic loop step by step

  1. Cast on the number of stitches on your needle that the pattern indicates
  2. Gather all the stitches on your wire (80 or 60 cm)
  3. Distribute the stitches evenly, and move one half onto the needle you are going to knit with, with the knitting yarn to the back, by pulling out the wire between two stitches, so the wire makes a loop approximately in the middle of your project. Make sure the work is not twisted or turned.
  4. Knit the stitches on the front needle and knit as described in the pattern. You have now knitted half a round
  5. Turn the work, pull the front stitches forward on the front needle, pull out the back needle and continue knitting around. You have now knitted one round
  6. Pull the front stitches forward on the front needle, pull out the back needle and continue knitting. Continue as shown in the pattern.