Why knit with double yarn?

Why knit with double yarn?

A blog post about knitting with several threads of yarn, gauge and the expression of the yarn.

There can be several different reasons why you choose to knit with double yarn or several threads of yarn at the same time. Maybe you want your project thicker, which makes the knitwear warmer and often more durable over time. By knitting with two threads, you can also mix the colors, and thereby give your knitwear a more dynamic look. But if you choose two threads in the same color, this can also give a different expression if, for example, you use a thread of silk mohair, which gives the knitting a more ‘fluffy’ and soft expression.

If you are a new knitter, it may be more difficult to knit with several threads at once. However, the procedure is exactly the same as if knitting with a single thread. Be sure to have all the threads with you all the way, as dropping a stitch is the same as dropping one thread. If that happens, pick it up again just like as if you were knitting with one thread.

Maybe you have fallen in love with some yarn that is not recommended on the needle you need to knit with for your project. Therefore, an extra thread will sometimes enable you to match the recommended gauge. This could be a thread of silk mohair. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to make a knitting swatch. For example, if you want to knit a Chloé sweater by Katrine Hannibal, where the gauge is 22 stitches and 31 needles in stockinette stitch on needle number 4, then your sweater will be larger and worst case useless, if you have more stitches than stated in the pattern. If you get fewer stitches, it will be too small. It's super annoying when you spend so much time on your knitting, so ALWAYS make a swatch before you start your project!

Knitting with another type of yarn than recommended in the pattern, usually gives a different look. The designer has most often had a desired expression for the sweater in mind, with just this particular yarn, and this will most likely change by using another type of yarn.