What is a knitting box from Önling?

What is a knitting box from Önling?

A full and fun knitting experience 

At Önling, we want to make it easy to find inspiring knitting projects at a great value for money. That is why we initiated our knitting box concept, which is a box full of yarn, patterns, inspiration and pampering. Easy to buy and easy to get started with. And you always save minimum 25%.

We collect a special Knitting Box experience approximately 3-4 times a year. The boxes are full of inspiration, patterns, yarn and extra surprises. Our boxes are always designed especially for the season and you always get a minimum 25% discount on the contents (compared to buying the products separately). You can see all our Knitting Boxes here

A knitting box from Önling is:

Easy - we decide the contents for you in advance, and make sure that both designs and yarn kits are always of the highest quality

Inspiring - you always get brand new patterns with your box - patterns that are exclusive to that box for up to 6 months.

Flexible - you always have choice in terms of color (and sometimes quality) on your yarn, as well as the choice between several different patterns suited for the yarn in the box

Exclusive - We only sell our Knitting Boxes in a limited number, and some products will be in a limited edition, and can only be obtained by buying the box.

Filled with pampering - We wrap your box beautifully and always put some beautiful, knitting-related and hand-picked gifts in, which we hope will enhance your experience of the box.

Value for money - You always save between 25-35% when you buy a box, compared to buying the contents individually. 

What does a knitting box cost?

Our boxes are priced from time to time, and we have an ambition to have a basic and a luxury version of each box. The basic version typically costs between $45 - 63,- and the luxury version between $85 - 110,-

Önling designs some special patterns for each box and selects yarns, which we negotiate some really good prices on and put in your box. We then purchase / produce some delicious, knitting-related gifts - typically between 2-4 - which we put in your Knitting Box.

The box will always have a value of at least 30% more than if you buy the content separately. 

How do we do it?

Önling designs 2-4 exclusive patterns for each box and we select special yarn qualities, which we can then offer to you at special prices, as we cut out the middle-man and the retailer. Every Knitting Box has a concept around both yarn and patterns, so they are connected and can be used together. For example we have a Nordic knitting box with Icelandic and Faroese inspired sweaters, a Mohair yarn box or how about our Easy Peasy knitting box with everything you need as a beginner knitter.  We also produce boxes specifically for the season, for example our Summer Knitting Box with cotton / linen yarn and summer designs 

Sommer knitting box

On top of that we select a bunch of gorgeous knitting gadgets - typically between 2-4  in each box - and we ad them to your box, to enhance your experience even more.

Our knitting boxes will always have a value of 25 -35% more than what you'd have to pay for the contents individually.  

How do I get my hands on a Knitting Box?

You can see our past and present Knitting Boxes here. Our knitting boxes are always put up for sale on this page on our webshop and we have an ambition to launch approximately 3-4 boxes every year. You can be notified when we send out new boxes by signing up for Önling's newsletter here - or follow us on Facebook (Önling Knit)