PetiteKnit at Önling

Knitting pattern from Petiteknit and beige Isager Silk Mohair

The first sweater I ever knitted from the top down, was “No Frills” by PetiteKnit. I loved it, both because it taught me something new, knitting short rows at the neck and knitting from the top, and because it was a sweater I had been missing in my wardrobe. I love the simplicity, the simple thing I can wear with my usual stripes and dots.

Ingen dikkedarer fra Petiteknit, i hvid meleret garn

Since then I have knitted numerous more of that design, I think probably 4-5. Not all of them have been perfect, and some have been unraveled because the yarn didn’t match. Others I have given away as gifts. Right now, I have a grey No Frills in Önling No 1 yarn at my needles. I love the classic look from the Preppy style, and I’m surely going to live in my light grey No Frills sweater. I am also knitting the cardigan, but it’s simply too warm to have in my lap in the unusual heat the Danish summer is providing right now. I’m knitting the cardigan in Shale Önling No 1 yarn.

Ingen Dikkedarer cardigan fra Petiteknit i Önling No 1, aubergine

Nordic knitting has evolved from the classic sweaters with colorful patterns, to a simple and elegant look. In Scandinavia we have a strong knitting tradition, so we are quite capable knitters compared to other countries with a less developed knitting tradition. This means that knitters like to be challenged, and such challenges are provided by the new Nordic knitting trend. PetiteKnit surely belongs within this trend. She challenges us with her constructions, and I think this is one of the reasons that we continue to knit her patterns.

But what is it that Mette from PetiteKnit is so good at? She has hit the Scandinavian style spot on. Her designs are easy to wear and use in your wardrobe. And then she is very good at showing what other knitters have created from her designs, so you can always find someone who has knitted her designs in the color you like, so you can see what it will look like.

I don’t know who started the Mohair trend this year, but the latest two designs from PetiteKnit, Stockholm and Kumulus, surely fits into this and speaks to those of us who love Mohair. Both designs are now available here it Önling as yarn kits with lovely mohair yarn from Isager and Mohair by Canard. We have also made yarn kits available to No Frills sweater and cardigan in our Önling No 1 yarn. This is of course not mohair, but the angora adds a beautiful woolen look to the merino wool, almost as when knitting with mohair. See all the yarn kits for PetiteKnit designs here.

"But what is it that Mette from PetiteKnit is so good at?
She has hit the Scandinavian style spot on.

Katrine Hannibal and Önling like PetiteKnit love to knit sweaters from the top. It’s such an advantage that you can try the sweater while knitting, so you are not unpleasantly surprised when you’ve finally sown the sweater together and realize that it should be 3 cm longer at the sleeves and 5 cm longer at the bottom.

We are also in line with PetiteKnit in knitting our designs with a higher neck, as this gives a better fit. Both design features are used in our Fluffy Fluffy Sweater, which is our brand-new take on this year’s popular Mohair sweater. Fluffy Fluffy Sweater is about to be released and can be pre-ordered here. 

This is really, for all of us, about knitting our favorite items. The sweater that will be used till its worn out, the sweater you want to knit in multiple colors, because it has the perfect fit. I think the Stockholm sweater by PetiteKnit will be that sweater for me. I’m bringing it with me on vacation, on a road trip through the US, and I think it will be the perfect knitting project for the ride. What colors do you want to knit it in? I’m definitely thinking Isager color no 63 (light brown/curry yellow) – this is my favorite color.

Stockholm sweater fra Petiteknit, klar til road trip

We’re so happy to now be selling yarn kits for the lovely designs by PetiteKnit, and we look forward to adding more designs to the collection!

Mette Lundstad, design enthusiast and knit-wit at Önling