Knitting Advent calendar from Önling

Knitting Advent calendar from Önling

We knit together separately every Sunday in Advent

We've made an Advent calendar again this year. But this time we've made two different ones - one for experiences knitters and one for beginners / easily experiences knitters. That way, there is something for everyone, everyone can join and have fun together, every Sunday in Advent. It is important for us that everyone can participate, as knitting is something we can do together - separately. It creates unity, joy and challenge, but also a great deal of fun and good times.

Regarding the launch of our Advent calendars, we spoke with one of the co-designers behind both calendars. The designer's name is Anja Laksáfoss, who studies textile mediation in crafts and design at Campus Carlsberg.


Who is the calendar made for?

“This year we have two Advent calendars to choose from. One is for the experienced knitter, where you are challenged with some techniques such as twists, hole patterns, bubbles and some slightly larger types of clothing. The other is for the beginner / the easily practiced - you must be able to cast on stitches, knit K / P and cast off. We hope the beginner gets challenged and thinks it's fun. There will be videos for all the techniques. ”

How did you design the products?

“The products are designed in a Nordic and classic style. It's something that can be used again and again as we believe in sustainable production and classic design. The yarn you receive in your package is made of natural materials, which have a long lifetime. It is these values ​​that we work from. ”


Which considerations did you have by choosing yarn?

“For the experienced, you will find 3 different types of yarn. We have chosen to knit the Advent gifts in our own yarn which is made in a family-run yarn spinning mill in Italy. One of the yarn types is Önling No. 2, which is a sustainable yarn. It is soft, warm and incredibly delicious to knit.

The 4 different projects comes in one color shade which varies in value. This means that if you choose the color pink, all the projects will be in a similar color in some other yarn, which will create a slightly different expression. The range of colors is wide, so there is something for everyone. It is simply up to the customer to choose the color.

For the beginner / the easily experienced, a super delicious yarn has been used. The yarn is also like the other calendar spun in a family run yarn spinning mill in Italy. It is 100% pure wool, soft, warm and is only available in natural colors, as it is dyed with natural colors. ”

Why did you choose bags made of fabric for the experienced? 

“The projects will again this year be delivered in fabric, as we want to reduce the use of plastic bags to protect the environment. The fabric bags can be reused and last for many years. The bags are printed with illustrations that are not seasonal, but can be used all year round to store your future knitting projects. The illustrations imply the truth, with a fun little twist. There will also be a little extra surprise in the first bag that can be used to personalize your bags. And then we say no more ;-). ”

What can people expect? 

“They can expect 4 small knitting projects with luxury yarn keys that suits the season, good and easy-to-read patterns, as well as a little surprise for every Sunday in Advent. All knitting projects contains a piece of clothing that is usable and can keep you warm during the cold winter months. The design is timeless, classic, simple and functional. "

Is it Christmas stuff?

“No, it's not Christmas stuff. We want to make something that people can use all year round ”

Why should people buy the Advent calendar?

“Because it is a really good gift to give to someone you care about or yourself. Not only do you get luxury materials that end up with a usable piece of clothing, but you also get several hours of peace and contemplation, and a joy of creating something with your hands. ”

You can buy the advent calendar for the experienced here and the easy peasy advent calendar here