Knit-A-Long - knit Nordic sweaters with Önling #NordicSweaterKAL

Knit-A-Long - knit Nordic sweaters with Önling #NordicSweaterKAL

Autumn equals indoor coziness and in our book it means lot's of knitting 😉

Therefore, we think it's time for another KAL, and this time the focus is on Nordic sweaters. We suggest that you knit one of our three new designs, which are inspired by especially the Icelandic and Faroese knitting tradition. However, you are also welcome to knit any other sweater that is inspired by the Icelandic or Faroese knitting tradition - the most important thing is that we knit together, share our results and cheer on each other along the way!

Our 3 new KAL designs are Gudrun, Gerdur and Rosir. Right now, you can save up to 25% on our patterns and kits in the occasion of our KAL, so hurry up and get your hands on the pattern and save a lot of money. The offer is limited.

We absolutely love the Nordic style as it can keep us warm - yet trendy -  during the cold season. The style is informal and casual, but with a lot of nice details. If you knit it in 'earth colors', you get close to the traditional Faroese style - or you can chose to go crazy in colors to get a result that is more playful and modern.

It is our own Katrine Hannibal who has designed the patterns for the 3 new sweaters. There is a little personal story behind one of the sweaters, namely Rosir. Rosir is Icelandic and means Rose, which is also the name of Katrine's daughter. It is therefore designed with her in mind.

Gudrun is a more modern interpretation of a Faroese sweater. It has a slightly boxy fit and is absolutely perfect for a cold autumn day out in  nature. It's works with several layers underneath.

The latest design from Katrine Hannibal is ‘Gerdur’. Gerdur is a feminine Icelandic-inspired sweater with a slightly oversize design. It can be knitted, like the other designs, in just the colors you want. We enjoy knitting it it Önling no. 1.

Our KAL starts from October 14th and we knit until the end of November. You can participate by purchasing one of the patterns above and posting pictures of the process. Either on our Facebook page or Instagram, and use the hashtag #NordicSweaterKAL

We look forward to seeing your new beautiful sweater!