Inspiration from Helga Isager

Isager yarn at our shelves

When I stand in our showroom and admire the wall with stacked Isager yarns, I can’t help but feel happy and inspired.

There are many reasons for that… First of all, Isager is one of the strongest Danish-bred yarn and design brands ever. There are several intriguing stories behind Isager; Åse Jensen who is the original founder and the first shop in Århus. But especially the numerous modern design classics, created at the former school and now Isager Studio, in Tversted in Northern Denmark.

Helga Isager strikker

When you start knitting and have the pattern or book in front of you; then you are as close as it gets to being “knitting happy”. It is always an exciting day at Önling when we receive new packages of yarns or books from Isager. The ‘ÅLJ anniversary book’ is telling the story about the founder Åse Jensen and how Isager originally started

“When you start knitting (…)
you are as close as you
get to be “knitting happy”.”

The latest book by Helga Isager called K(knit) is for new knitters with little experience. Helga Isager explains she wants to inspire newcomers to get started on knitting one their own.

She is is one of our favorite designers, because she introduces new and bold material combinations. For example with the sweater K(knit) that is made of Silk Mohair, Japanese Cotton and Twine, designed to let the tweed stand out.

We love that her designs are timeless wardrobe staples. Her books and knitting patters are a continuation of this design DNA, and the list of “must-knits” gets longer every time we visit the Isager Studio in Tversted.

We recently received some new samples from Isager. ‘Bodil’ from Room 606 in green, as well as ‘Birch’ from the artisan in my personal favorite color combination fv. 3 and 63, is now available in our showroom.

“ (…) the list of “must-knits”
gets longer every time I 
visit the Isager HQ in Tversted.”

Helga Isager started her company Amimono in 2005. When she applied for the Danish Design School and got rejected, she chose to start on her own. Yarn and design runs in her blood. Her mother Marianne Isager, have been considered the queen of knit for decades - not only in Denmark, but also worldwide. With Amimono, Helga has developed her own brand and style.

In an interview she explains that she was first taught to knit by her grandmother at age 7. But being young and impatient she didn’t stick with it. In her teenage years the family lived in the countryside, far away from fashion stores. To create her own cool clothes she finally began to knit. With help from her mother she designed her first blouse. Now several years later we experience the result of generations of knitters, with Helga Isagers latest book K(knit) that was published in march this year.

K(Knit) Isager bog

Helga Isager is visiting our showroom 8. May, for a special event explaining about her new book and giving tips and tricks for knitters. You have the chance to win a signed copy of her new book! Sign up in our Facebook group “Yndlingsstrik by Önling”. The winner will be found 9. May 2018.

- Mette Lundstad, Yarn and knit-wit at Önling