Fluffy Fluffy sweater - a gem full of memories

Fluffy Fluffy sweater at the needles with rose wine

Fluffy Fluffy sweater - About a shiny gem and clothes with memories

Today you will meet Signe, who is the knitter behind the knitting profile @plummum on Instagram. She has just finished test knitting Fluffy fluffy sweater, our newest sweater design that has just been released at our web shop as individual pattern and yarn kit with a broad choice of beautiful colors. See more here.  

Signe, you have the word:

Fluffy Fluffy sweater has come of my needles and wow (!) what a lovely gem of a knitted sweater. I have gone all in on colors, and my sweater reminds me partly of my daughters My little Pony and partly of shining gems. Even my husband who is not particularly interested in my knitting projects (as in not interested at all), suddenly said the other day “it looks very expensive that sweater…”, and I have to agree with him on that. Silk and mohair, that the sweater in knitted with, ooze exclusivity and with the feather light and elegant look.

Fluffy fluffy sweater knitted by plummum

Fluffy Fluffy is surely going to make me happy on many dark fall and winter days, also when it is merely shining from the wardrobe shelf.

Clothes full of memories

Half of my Fluffy Fluffy sweater has been knitted in Italy in the late evening hours, where I spent almost 3 weeks with my family over the summer. That is one of the things that I love the most about knitting – that it almost without exception has its own story. Fluffy Fluffy will forever remind of that vacation and the evening I enjoyed at the porch of our vacation cabin with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee one the side after tucking in the girls. The same way that I have a Mallorca-sweater, and Skiing-skirt etc. An additional dimension to love.

With it’s around 200 grams the sweater is feather light, yet warm enough to keep me warm in the winter. Fluffy Fluffy sweater can be knitted in stripes of Isager Silk mohair or Mohair by Canard separated by a few rows of Shiny fra Krea Deluxe. It is by no means a requirement go all in on colors as I have done – I just could not help it. A simple sweater with a single color broken up by the fine bling stripes on the other hand gives a subtle and exclusive look.

"With it’s around 200 grams
the sweater is feather light,
yet warm enough to
keep me warm in the winter.

The options for colors choices are endless, and I have gathered a few of the beautiful versions from other test knitters here below, just for your inspiration. Or take a look at Instagram under #fluffyfluffysweater, where you can already find many beautiful examples.

I you want to take up Fluffy Fluffy Sweater, yourself, then just follow the link here, and choose a full yarn kit in your favorite colors, or find the pattern on its own below. If you like my colors specifically then buy yarn kit no. 6.

Good luck and enjoy your knitting

Signe from @plummum

Fluffy fluffer sweater knitted by instagrammers

Pictures from Instagram @lullebadulle, @thewoolcat, @mrs_lunnay.