Choosing colors for your Silk kit

Color choice for you Silk kit

How to combine Önling No 06, 07 og 08

Önling's Silk kit is probably the most luxurious combination of yarns you'll find in our range. The three, light and soft strands of yarn are worked together on needle US size 4 (4 mm) for a gauge of 22-23 sts / 4". The Silk kit is easy to work with as the three strands of yarn work well together and you get a light and luxurious sweater or bluse with a nice, marled color effect.  

Previously, the Silk Kit has been sold only in pre-packed color combinations. From Januar 2023, we have 'set the silk kit free' and you are now free to choose your favorite color combinations. 

 The three yarns in the Silk Kit are

  1. Önling No 06 - a lace weight tussah silk
  2. Önling No 07 - a lace weight linen yarn
  3. Önling No 08 - a lace weight merino yarn 
There are soooo many color to choose from - but having all those color options can be overwhelming. That's why we have collected a few tips for you below, so you can achieve the perfect combination, when you mix the colors for your personal Silk Kit ❤️
Choose your colors for the Silk Kit
The three lace weight yarns knit up as 'one strand' when you look at the final result, which give you a lot of room for mixing and matching the different colors. 
Here are a few rules of thumb, which can assist you in achieving the combination you're looking for: 
  • Similar shade No 7 (linen) and No 8 (merino) will create a solid color look 
  • Achieve a nice marled effect when you choose a lighter shade No 7 (linen) and a darker shade No 8 (merino).
  • Get a soft color tone by choosing a darker shade in No 7 (linen) than the shade of No 8 (merino)
Use the silk with specks (No 6) to make color pops in your knitting: 
  • If the tread in No 6 is the same shade/color as your No 7 and No 8, you will get visible specks of color on your sweater - like small dots.
  • If the specks of color in No 6 are the same color as your No 7/No 8 you will get a subtle effect from the silk.
- A soft, golden color (model Silk Sweater)
The soft golden color is achieved by choosing a slightly darker shade No 7 Linen (Mustard 6-6) compared to No 8 Merino (Yellow 60). There is a nice color difference to the No 6 Silk (Beige 445), so you can clearly see the beige/brown color specks on the golden background. 
You get a soft toned, golden color.
Nice marled color (Model Freja)
There is a distinct color difference between No 7 Linen (aqua 4-18) and No 8 Merino (petrol 694). The lighter linen yarn creates the marled color, which is coordinated with the color specks of No 6 Silk (petrol 702). Notice how the marled effect is created by the lighter color. The No 6 Silk has the same color range as the Linen and Merino. If you want a more marled effect choose a silk that introduces a 3rd or 4th color. Here it's blue/petrol like the other yarns. 
You get a petrol-sea blue marl
Solid color with a subtle color play (Model Silke Sweater)
No 7 Linen (Light grey 7-11) and No 8 (Light grey 508) have very similar tones of grey, which give you an almost solid colored, silver grey background. The subtle color play is achieved by adding No 6 Silk (Beige 445), where both the thread and specks are a darker color tone, than the silver grey. Thus, you'll see the marled effect from the thread and flecks.
You get a classic, grey sweater with a shade of beige/golden tones
Solid color with a lot of effect from the silk (Model Iris)
No 7 Linen (Pink 10-6) and No 8 (Pink 619) are very similar color shades, which gives you very subtle marl effect in pink. The No 6 silk thread adds to the pink marl, and the white and cyan specks of color in the silk are very visible as small dots on a solid color background. 
You get a pink color with light specks of color
Knitting patterns for the Silk Kit
The three strands of yarn has a gauge around 22 sts / 4" on needle US size 4 (4 mm). Önling's designer Katrine Hannibal has designed a lot of knitting patterns for tops, t-shirts and thin sweaters with 3/4 sleeves, that are perfect for the Silk Kit.