Chloé knit-a-long

Chloé knit-a-long

Chloé – one of our favorite designs!

We are absolutely overwhelmed that so many of you would like to knit our Chloé sweater in our knit-a-long. It is no secret that we miss you, the best customers in the world, and that is why we are so happy that we shall soon be knitting "Chloé" together, but separately.

There are several things that make Chloé one of our favorites, but one of them is definitely the combination of Önling no 12 and mohair. It makes for a lovely and light expression. And the colors, right? The colors are chosen so that they are on the same color scale, which is why blend incredibly well together.


Chloé is knitted from the top down, and back and forth. We cast on extra stitches before gathering in the round. You make increases for both the raglan and the front at the same time.

You can choose to knit long sleeves or you can choose to make it with ¾ sleeves. Our original model is knitted with ¾ sleeves, but we also think it will be so nice with short sleeves. The we should be all set for summer, sun, parties and bright colors. (Fun fact: In fact, Chloé was "invented" one summer in France, where Katrine was inspired by the deep and intense colors and wanted to knit something that was light and airy, yet warm enough for a summer evening).

If you want Chloé in a solid color, instead of with stripes, you need approx. 175-200 g silk mohair for size S - XL. You use 2 cones of Önling No 12 for all sizes.

Another good thing about "Chloé" is that you can make it your own quite easily. It can be made in a solid color or you can use all your favorite colors, you can make small stripes, large stripes, only stripes on the sleeves or something completely different - to match what is inside your head and what you think will be nice.

We look forward to seeing all of your great editions of one of our favorites.


What to think about when using mohair scraps?

You have to consider that if you have a white and a light pink, for example, you will not be able to see the color difference when you knit it together with the same base color, all the way through.

Therefore, consider contrasts; the eye likes if there are contrasts, for example between light and dark. Or contrasts in denomination, one bright color and one light color. But the eye also likes if all the colors have the same value, for example if all the colors are pastel colors or all the colors are bright.

The last thing to think about is to select one mohair color that matches the base color, so that all the colors don't make too much "noise", but at least one blends in with the base color.

If you want inspiration you can see more pictures in our Önling facebook community. Or you can take a look at the many yarn kit color combinations, we have put together and tested HERE

Once again, many thanks to all of you who want to take part in our knit-a-long, it means so much to us that we can meet in the virtual room, now that the best thing we can do is to stay home.

PS: Until the day before the KAL starts (ie until end of day 31/3-2020) you can buy the pattern for only €5,5 (normal price is 8,5) and you can save 10% on the yarn kit. Check it out HERE.