Easy Peasy asymmetric shawl from Önling, No 2 kit Knitting kits Önling
Easy Peasy asymmetric shawl from Önling, No 2 kit Knitting kits Önling
Easy Peasy asymmetric shawl from Önling, No 2 kit - KLAR Knitting kits Önling
Easy Peasy asymmetric shawl from Önling, No 2 kit - KLAR Knitting kits Önling
Easy Peasy asymmetric shawl from Önling, No 2 kit - KLAR Knitting kits Önling

Easy Peasy asymmetric shawl from Önling, No 2 kit

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Knitting kit for Easy Peasy asymmetric shawl by Inge-Lis Holst and Katrine Hannibal in Önling No 2

Easy Peasy is Önling's collection of basic patterns in Nordic design, written in a simple and beginner-friendly language -  without abbreviations. We have designed the prettiest, softest and lightest asymmetrical shawl, simple and easy to knit. This design is a small, light shawl you can use to keep you neck warm, when a large shawl is too hot and too overwhelming. It is asymmetric and features the prettiest edges and a simple eyelet pattern that will catch the eye when you wear it. You can make it in one color or with stripes; it will be the perfect addition to your basic wardrobe. We have worked it in one of our most popular yarns, Önling No 2, made from sustainably manufactured Merino wool by a small family-operated manufacturer in Northern Italy, at the foot of the Italian alps.

Designed by Inge-Lis Holst and Katrine Hannibal

Sizes: Onesize
Length approx.: 240 cm
Height approx.: 50 cm where widest

Materials: 150 g Önling No 2, 100% Merino Superfine Super 100s Wool, 25 g = approximately 120m

Suggested needles: Circl ndls 4,5 mm, 60 or 80 cm

Gauge: 20 sts and 40 rows (20 ridges)in garter stitch on ndl 4,5 mm = 10 x 10 cm

The shawl is worked back and forth in garter stitch ridges with a simple eyelet row to break the garter stitch pattern and add symmetry to the asymmetric design. The asymmetric shape appears by increasing in all rows and decreasing on every second row. The pretty edges frame the shawl nicely.

You may also want to make a stripy shawl, or work less or more eyelet rows, and you can use other materials as e.g. Önling No 1 or Silk Mohair Önling No 10 - and you can make the shawl larger or smaller, as you prefer.

Please Note: 

The price of the yarn kit is calculated based on the amount of yarn included, which is the amount we have used to knit the design according to the above measurements. Should you need more yarn, additional yarn can be purchased at regular prices by placing an order and state lot number in the comment box at checkout. All designs have been thoroughly calculated and tested.

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Specifically for knitwear knitted in Önling's Silk kit
As the Silk Kit from Önling contains 3 different qualities (linen, wool and silk), we recommend that you always wash your silk sweater / garment by hand, to avoid it changing shape or appearance during wash. The three qualities will react differently to water, temperatures, etc. Önling can not take responsibility for the result if you wash your silk sweater in the washing machine. Your garment made from the silk kit should NOT be spun or tumble dried. Instead, dry it by laying it flat.

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