Copper zippers from Önling, 17 cm, 4 colors
Copper zipper from Önling, 17 cm, beige
Copper zipper from Önling, 17 cm, light rose
Copper zipper from Önling, 17 cm, light grey
Copper zipper from Önling, 17 cm, dark grey
Copper zipper from Önling, 17 cm, black
Copper zipper, 17 cm Tilbehør Önling Off-white (30)

Copper zipper, 17 cm

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We are very proud of our copper zipper, as they are quite unique! The copper gives a beautiful finish to your knitwear, and the zippers are dyed in our favorite colors that match our yarns and yarn kits.

Copper zippers from Önling are available in a range of different lengths and colors, all are made by YKK and of the highest quality.

Chose color above - or see all the available lengths here.

Length 17 cm. 

This zipper can for instance be used for Honey Clutch by PetiteKnit, and for small and medium size Honey Purse by PetiteKnit. 

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