If you're the type of person, who prefers to wait and be surprised and delighted every Sunday as you unwrap the Advent calendar, then STOP reading here.

Below we reveal the contents of our 3 Advent calendars – including designs, patterns, yarns, and the whole shebang!

Why the need to reveal everything?

Traditionally, we've always kept the contents of our Advent calendar a secret because we love the element of surprise - both in giving and receiving.

BUT, we know that people are different, and not everyone enjoys the feeling of paying lots of money without knowing what they are paying for. Not all of you are familiar with Önling's high quality either, and not everyone knows that we only fill the Advent calendar boxes with the very best - both the yarn, which is of high Italian quality, and the gifts, which are handpicked and REALLY delightful.

You're only receiving things that we would love to receive ourselves 💖

Stop now if you don't want to spoil the surprise!!


Advent calendar 1: Shawl

Almost all knitters can participate in knitting the fairy light shawl in our Advent Calendar No 1. The shawl is entirely new and designed with many fun lace pattern techniques. It's our talented designer, Inge-Lis Holst, who has created the shawl. Snuggle into the shawl or use it as a large and soft scarf.

You'll be knitting the shawl in a delicate combination of our soft Önling No 11 (merino wool and cashmere) and silk mohair 🧡

Of course, you get to choose your very own colors.

US$ 109 ,- (value US$ 190)

Beautiful shawl with many techniques

Multifunctional shawl or scarf with many, pretty details. Fun to knit and SO SOFT to wear!

Pick your very own colors

You work in turn with one strand of merinowool / cashmere and one strand of silk mohair - and you pick your own color for both.


Advent calendar 2: Sweater

In Advent Calendar 2, you'll receive yarn and a pattern for the beautiful - and brand new - sweater designed by the talented Thea Vesterby (VesterbyCrea). You can start looking forward to this gorgeous sweater project with lovely, feminine details and lace patterns!

You'll be knitting in the beautiful and rustic combination of Önling No 2 (Shetland wool) held together with a strand of silk mohair. Of course, you get to choose your own colors for the sweater.

Size XS - 3XL.

From US$ 172,- (value US$ 248)

Pretty lace pattern and a great fit
Pick your own colors for the project


Advent calendar 3: Socks, socks, socks

In Advent Calendar 3, you'll receive 4 sock projects to delight yourself and your knitting needles throughout December 🧦🎄

You'll get yarn and patterns for 4 brand new pair of socks, and the yarn you'll be knitting with is Önling's brand new sock yarn, Önling No 18. You can choose two colors from among 10 beautiful, soft shades. These two colors will be combined across the four pairs of socks you'll be knitting.

US$ 99,- (value US$ 146)

Lots of patterns and techniques!
One pair of socks for every sunday!



Every Sunday, in addition to yarn and pattern, you'll also receive
an extra gift. All gifts are knitting-related, so you can make use of
them while you knit and/or as part of your knitting project.

1st Sunday in Advent

The first gift you'll receive is 60 grams of our delicious
temple tea, which is a tasty and aromatic green/white tea. Additionally, you'll get a lovely hand cream from Danish brand Lucia Care. The nourishing cream contains 20 ml, making it the perfect size for your
project bag.

2nd Sunday in Advent

The second gift you'll receive is a beautiful handmade stitch marker
that you can enjoy the sight of every time you knit 💓

The bead is a semi-precious stone, and the loop is 925 sterling silver.

3rd Sunday in Advent

The third gift you'll receive is a small pouch in real leather from the
Danish brand Muud. Use the pouch for storing your smaller knitting
items, such as stitch markers, needles, scissors, etc., when you're on the go

4th Sunday in Advent

The fourth and final gift you'll receive is a luxurious product from the
Danish brand Lucia Care. Here, you'll get 100 ml of their lovely
'Morning Dewdrops,' which is a moisturizing, light serum spray.