Corrections for Favorite Knits 3


The pattern is only available in Danish, and therefore so are the corrections. 


Correction in the amount of sts:
Page 3, right column: Work rows 19-28 2 more times, changing colors according to the color sequence. There are now 146 sts on the needle, not 125.
Page 3, right column: Row 78: As row 70. There are now 196 sts on the needle, not 173.

NOTE: In general the amount of sts is not crucial. At the end of the pattern in the section named "Feather and fan border" it is explained how to knit the border regardless of the amount of sts. 


Correction for the type of yarn: 
Anna should not be made in Isager Spinni as described in the pattern, as this will make the cardigan skew. Instead we suggest using Tvinni, making the cardigan a bit heavier. Another option is to use 1 thread of Spinni and 1 thread of Tvinni.