Summer Yarn

Summer yarn for summer knitting ☀️

At Önling, we love summer knitting, which is why we have a large selection of lovely and light summer yarns. Amongst our summer yarns, we have yarn with organic cotton, linen, bamboo and light merino wool, and they are available in a range of beautiful summer colors.

Our favorite summer yarn

If you ask us to name our favorite summer yarn, we have a few clear favorites we would like to share with you. One of our absolute favorite yarns, and bestsellers when it comes to light summer knitting, is actually a combination of yarns, namely our Silk kit which consists of three thin luxury yarns. Önling's unique silk kit consists of one thread of thin silk, one thread of thin linen and one thread of thin merino wool. It gives a completely unique, light and luxurious result, which we love both for the light Silk Sweater and for summer tops and dresses.

Another favorite and classic amongst our summer yarns is the combination of cotton and linen in Önling No 21. Önling No 21 is an OEKO-TEX certified yarn, with 100% color durability that can be machine washed. The combination of the two different fibres in the yarn, results in a lovely melange color effect.

Last but not least, we cannot forget the thin wool yarns when we are discussing Nordic summer yarn. Wool has fantastic heat-regulating properties, and thin wool can therefore be incredibly nice to wear in the Nordic summer, where the temperature can easily fluctuate. Our favorite summer yarn with wool is Önling No 12 which is a light combination of wool and cotton, and Önling No 11, which is a light and ultrasoft wool yarn from merino and cashmere.

Patterns for your summer yarn

If you are looking for a knitting project that you can knit with your own lovely summer yarns, we have a great selection of summer knitting patterns where you can find lots of inspiration for knitted summer tops, T-shirts, light blouses and much more. We have also put together a number of knitting kits for various summer knitting projects, so you can easily buy both yarn and pattern for the design you want to knit.