Sustainable yarn delivered in sustainable Re-zip packaging

Sustainable yarn delivered in sustainable Re-zip packaging

At Önling, sustainability and recycling is part of our foundation and our core values. We design classic knitwear with a long lifetime, made from sustainable yarn. Yarns under our own label are produced sustainably at a family-owned spinning mill in Italy, which has the following certificates: Defra Animal Welfare, Caregora (angora), NWD integrity program (wool) / Sustainawool, TF Traceability & Fashion / Tessile & Saltute / REACH, Origine Preferenziale / Preferential Origin.

That's why we find it natural to remove plastic completely from our production and packaging. We have removed all plastic from our packaging, because we don’t want to contribute to plastic in the oceans or other places where it doesn't belong. Instead, all of our packaging is made of recycled paper bags, and we have saved the environment more than 70,000 plastic bags so far, which makes us both proud and happy.

Rezip is circular packaging


Now we have taken it one step further! Online shopping is here to stay, and we want to make a difference. When you shop online, tons of plastic and cardboard are produced, which are just thrown out again and wasted. We want to contribute to a reduction of waste, which is why you can now get your order delivered in RE-ZIP packaging, which is circular packaging. By using a RE-ZIP bag, you reduce the use of plastic and cardboard, and you use far less Co2 than if you had shopped elsewhere, and received your order in disposable packaging.

How it works:

When you shop with Önling, you can choose to add a RE-ZIP bag to your order during check out.  It works in the exact same way, as if you were about to choose regular shipping and you get your goods delivered the same way as usual. Upon arrival of your package, you don't throw out your packaging - instead you return the RE-ZIP bag via a mailbox or in your local post office. This way, RE-ZIP is passed on to the next customer, so that it can be used again and again. As a thank you for your efforts, you will receive a discount code for a free knitting pattern (Önling's own designs), once Re-zip has received and registered your returned packaging.