Madeline Tosh – a universe of colors

3 skeins of Madeline Tosh hand-dyed yarn, red, blue and dark

Recently, I got the chance to do something I have only been dreaming about. I was allowed to log on to the retailers’ site on Madeline Tosh and choose which colors we are going to sell in our showroom and bring with us on all the fairs this spring.

I have always loved her yarns and the more I learn about the yarns, the more I love them.

Did you know that the yarn is made from sustainable wool and dyed with organic color? So, you can wear your beautiful Madeline Tosh shawls with a clean conscience…

Amy Hendrix profile picture

Madeline Tosh is founded by Amy Hendrix. The name, Madeline Tosh, originates from Amy’s great-grandmother, who at the age of 8 changed her name from Lillian to Madeline Tosh, named by her French teacher. Amy’s great-grandmother taught Amy’s grandmother to knit, who then taught Amy how to knit. Amy’s great-grandmother was a unique woman, who helped shape Amy and that is why Amy named her company after her great-grandmother, Madeline Tosh.

"What started as a personal project,
turned into one of the most
famous yarn companies in the world.

In 2006 Amy became a mother and she wanted to knit something in natural colors for her son. At that time, there weren’t any of the colors available, she felt like using, which is why she started experimenting with food coloring in her kitchen, until she got the colors she wanted. There were some leftovers, which she chose to sell on Etsy and with a great demand for yarns in natural colors, she decided to move on to a studio. What started as a personal project that paid extra pocket money, turned into one of the most famous yarn companies in the world.    

I think that what attracts us to Madeline Tosh is the colors. Amy herself says that she is unnaturally obsessed with colors. When she sees a color, she breaks it down to see what it consists of. In an interview with Amy, she says that she fell in love with yarn, when she found out that it’s possible to paint on it. Thus, her love for yarn is deeply rooted in the colors and not what we knitters usually base our choices on, such as texture and tension/gauge

Madeline Tosh yarn

"I believe color is fundamental to who we are, which is why humans are so passionate about color preferences. Combine color with the natural desire to make something through craft and you have a deep, grounding form of gratification that is hard to find in this modern disconnected world." Quote from

"I’m very excited to say that the carrier
has just delivered the new order

Here at Önling, we are so happy to have Madeline Tosh on our webshop and in our showroom. Also, I’m very excited to say that the carrier has just delivered the new order! There are numerous beautiful colors, which will definitely be on my needles during the year.

What is your favorite Madeline Tosh color? And what are you knitting from her lovely yarns? 

The information for this blogpost is from Pompoms podcast no. 24, which is an interview with Amy Hendrix about Madeline Tosh.

Mette Lundstad, design- and knitfreak at Önling.