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Palermo by Marianne Isager, Hør Organic original color knitting kit Knitting kits Marianne Isager
Marianne Isager

Palermo by Marianne Isager, Hør Organic original color knitting kit

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Knitting kit for Palermo by Marianne Isager

Marianne's design 'Palermo' is worked with two strands of Hør Organic, but one strand can be replaced by Alpaca 2, if a softer result is required. The model is worked from the top down - by doing this, it is easier to regulate the size and length on both body and sleeves. Throughout the work, the black Hør Organic is worked with one of the chosen stripe colors.

The knitting kit contains: Isager Hør Organic yarn in original colors and a printed pattern.

Sizes: S(M)L(XL)
Half chest width: 50(53)56(59) cm
Total length: 58(58)58(58) cm
Inner sleeve length: 45(45)45(45) cm

Materials: Isager Hør Organic, 100 % linen, 50g = 178 m
Base color: 200(200)200(200) g col. Ink
Stripe color A: 100(100)100(100) g col. Indigo
Stripe color B: 100(100)100(100) g col. Kahki
Stripe color C: 100(100)100(100) g col. Nougat

Suggested needles: 4,5 mm (40, 60 and 80 cm), 3,5 mm for the neck band

Gauge: 19 sts and 24 rows on ndl 4,5 mm = 10 x 10 cm

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Specifically for knitwear knitted in Önling's Silk kit
As the Silk Kit from Önling contains 3 different qualities (linen, wool and silk), we recommend that you always wash your silk sweater / garment by hand, to avoid it changing shape or appearance during wash. The three qualities will react differently to water, temperatures, etc. Önling can not take responsibility for the result if you wash your silk sweater in the washing machine. Your garment made from the silk kit should NOT be spun or tumble dried. Instead, dry it by laying it flat.

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