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Önling’s Knitting Advent Calendar-box, 2019

Regular price $75.00

Önling’s Knitting Advent Calendar-box, 2019 

Once again, we present our Knitting Advent Calendar, full of Christmas coziness and surprises.

Pamper a good friend, your mom, or yourself, with our lovely advent calendar. You get four packages, one for each Sunday in Advent. Each package contains yarn for one project, as well as extra surprises of course! Every Friday before advent you get acces to your digitale knitting pattern on your personal Önling account here at the site - so remember to create an account and check it. 

If you, like us, love Christmas and think it can’t get here soon enough, then our advent calendar is guaranteed to speed things up and ensure Christmas comes early this year. 

Order your advent knitting calendar today, as we only have a limited number... 

Price: $75
Value: $122

Select the color of your calendar above.

Choose between four color combinations: Grey, Rose, Blue or Green. ** Some of the orginal colors are sold out - to ensure Christas cozyness for all of you, we have added 4 new variations: Multi-color, Gray w. rose, Blue w. gray, Bottlegreen w. gray. 

We cannot say much more, as Christmas is the time for secrets and surprises - but below you find some sneak peaks of content and color combinations .....

Every Sunday in Advent a new knitting pattern is released. The pattern is a PDF file and will be available via your personal Önling account here at the site - so remember to create an account and check it every Sunday in December :-)

Please note: The advent calendars will be shipped out early November. If you order other products together with your advent calendar order, we will ship everything together in the same package. So please do not expect to receive any of your ordered products before early / mid November.

If you pay for your advent calendar with PayPal, you should expect that we capture the payment from your account, at the time when we receive the order. As the time from when we receive the order to when we ship it, can be up to a month, this is in order to ensure that the payment doesn’t time out - which it does on PayPal after only 4 days.

Color variants with color codes:

Color variants No 2
No 2
No 2
Gray Grigio 0, 3559
Grigio 3, 3563
Grigio 5, 3565 
Rose Rosa, 2974 Cinnamon, 40097 Caramel, 40089
Blue Lys, 3550 Bajkal, 3339
Caramel, 40089
Green Rio, 7652 Verde, 876
Caramel, 40089
Multi Shale, 095 Warm gray, 103501 Mustard, 40127
Gray w. rose Grigio 3, 3563 Cinnamon, 40097 Rosa, 2974
Blue w. gray Indaco, 40140 Kosi, 3622 Grigio 3, 3563
Bottlegreen w. gray Verde, 976 Rio, 7652 Grigio 0, 3559

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