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Ivory t-shirt, Isager kit

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Yarn kit for knitting the Ivory T-shirt from ‘The Artisan’ by Helga Isager. 

Ivory is a simple cut T-shirt with beautiful finish, and Silk Mohair trim. The shoulders are decorated with slipstitch, a signature detail of designer Helga Isager. The final touch is the feminine button closure in the front.

The kit includes: Isager Spinni and Silk Mohair in the right amount for the your selected size.

Please note the yarn kit doesn’t include pattern, which is available in the book ‘The Artisan’, by Helga Isager. Buy it here and see related products below.

Size: S (M) L.
200(200)250g Spinni color 58
25g Silk Mohair color 0
½ chest width front: 46(48,5)51,5 cm
½ chest width back: 40,5(43,5)47 cm
Length from armhole: 35(36)37 cm
Sleeve from armhole: 20(21)22 cm

Color variants with color codes: 

 Spinni Silk Mohair
Original 58 0
Black 30 47
Curry-yellow 3 63
Green 15s 68
Light grey 3s 3m
Light yellow 58 59
Red 1 58
Rose 61s 62
Shale 60s 60
White 6s 0

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