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Basic Advent Calendar with clothes and goodies, 2019

Regular price $44.00

Önling's Basic Advent Calendar with clothes and goodies, 2019
This year we have put together a lovely advent calendar, with 4 gifts with pretty products for yourself, a friend, your mother or another lucky recipient. We ensure the contents, beautiful wrapping, and a bit of Christmas spirit - all you need to do is choose the color and size of your advent calendar. Choose between the colors Mushroom or Rose & Gray. 

The Advent calendar costs $44 - but has a total value of €67. You save 35%. 
You receive 4 numbered gifts. Two of them contains smaller clothing items, and two contains goodies / accessories. We cannot reveal more details as it is a Christmas surprise after all. All we can tell you is that all contents are classic, useful items, carefully selected by Önling.
Choose the color and size above. 
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